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Thread: New New Vegas fansite launched!

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    New New Vegas fansite launched!

    Featuring exclusive screenshots, movies and interview with J.E. Sawyer himself. Check it out at

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    Why's there like 300 pixels of empty space on top? is a logo not loading for me or something o_0?

    EDIT: Yep, wasn't loading, looks fine now. Like the artstyle, fits Fallout nicely.

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    I'm kinda confused by the gameplay video, what with 90% of it being clips of Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

    Edit: Oh, I guess the site is just a not-particularly-funny joke by some D&C folks. N/m.
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    Koki, no matter how hard you try, TTLG will never be as evil and hateful as you want it to be, not even CommChat. Go back to DAC, they appreciate the Feelings Nazi shit more.

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