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Thread: Screen shifted in DX11 games

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    Screen shifted in DX11 games

    Here's the problem: in most DX10/DX11 games, the entire screen gets shifted to the right. This seems to be somehow related to the refresh rate - in games that allow changing between 59hz and 60hz, the latter usually helps. Unfortunately, not all games have that option. Changing the desktop refresh rate to 59hz just results in the screen getting shifted to the left instead.

    Running Win 7 64 bit, card is a 460 GTX. Up to date drivers.

    Any ideas?

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    I have no way to test this since I'm still using WinXP. If the info provided in the links solves your problem then let us know of the result, if issue is already fixed then disregard. Good luck.

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    I missed the response, and I figured it out by myself - I basically did the same thing described in your second link. Works now, though some games seem to require v-sync to be turned on.


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