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Thread: lost gear and redoran house quest help

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    lost gear and redoran house quest help

    Ok, first off, I was caught in vivec temple for stealing and just wanted to get on with my quest so i just paid the guard the 5 gold and left instead of running and hiding until the bounty was lifted by my good rogue friends. anyway, when i checked to see what he had jacked from me i was pissed but knew i could get it back....He stole my glass helm, pauldrons, greaves, my daedric tonto enchanted with absorb health and soultrap, and a few other things i cant remember.

    Well, I was wondering where is the place in vivec you can retrieve this stuff? I know there are evidence chests around but i have checked almost all of vivec and cant find the bastard if you guys could help me out and point me in the right direction that would be great.

    Second, I am also on the part of the house redoran quest that is after you rescue that guys kid where you have to clear his kids name of murder. Well, i talked to his kid, grabbed his ash statue took it to his dad, took it to the temple guy, went and killed the guy that his son got the statue from, went back to the temple guy, went and killed the ash statue supplier, then back to the temple guy, father, and kid in that order.

    My problem is that the temple guys says thank you for ending the supply of statues when asked about the dealer, but says that i still need to clear the kids name when i talk to him about the victim. I go to the father and he tells me to take the statue to the guy at the temple still and to clear his sons name, and the kid still tells me about his bad dreams....I am really stuck

    Is there a part there i missed, or if i did mess it up is there a way to fix it. Also, if there is no way to fix it, is there a way i can continue to do redoran quests and eventually become the head of the house like regular?

    Thanks for reading that lengthy post
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    Look in Ebonheart for the Evidence Chest... Its mostly a guess unfortunately. As for your other problem, sorry I can't help

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    Hey man have you tried talking to the priests about the guy who was killed? If you haven't, then that is what is wrong. He should tell you something like..."once i rid this statue of it's magical influence i'll clear ......... of murder" or something like that.

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    Yeah i tried that, but all he says is that i should talk to the guy who is suspected of murder and help him out or something. I think i did the quest a bit backwards or something. I am pretty sure there is nothing i can do now, so i was just wondering if there is somebody else i can finish the house redoran quests through and go up in rank while still keeping serthi's sponsorship. Or if i can get another councils sponsorship and get quests through him/her.

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    doubleo: Re: evidence chests, search on here; I posted all of their locations a week or two ago. As for clearing Varvur Sarethi's name, follow along... if you do this in the wrong order you don't get full credit:
    1) Speak to Lloros Sarano in the Ald'Ruhn Temple about "Bralen Carvaren"
    2) Go back and talk to Varvur (he'll automatically agree to talk to LLoros)
    3) Report back to Athyn and ask him about "Bralen Carvaren".
    4) Speak to Lloros about "Bralen Carvaren" once again to finish this saga off.


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    Thanks a bunch

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