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Thread: Need help to build the Telvanni Stronghold!

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    Need help to build the Telvanni Stronghold!

    Hi to everyone...i'm level 39 and i have now to build the stronghold for the Great house Telvanni...
    My master has told me that i need to get the Duke's authorization, and i got it, and that i have to bring to him two strong soulgems(Storm Atronach, Golden Saint). The problem is: WHERE DO I FIND THOSE GEMS???

    Please help me because i really don't have a clue...i killed plenty of those monsters but...NO GEMS!!!What do i have to do?

    Please really help me because i'm stuck...

    Thank you very much!

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    You don't actually find the gems on the bodies of monsters or anything. You need to make them yourself - it's a procedure called Soul Trapping. The same procedure to make enchanted items. It's in the manual.

    There are numerous guides and walkthroughs around for this. Try the Enchantment FAQ here, for example. Pay special attention to the section on "Souls and Gems" What you need to do is use Soul Gems to capture two souls which must be Winged Twilights, Storm Atronachs or Golden Saints, and then give them to Llunela Hleran in the basement of the Telvanni Council Hall in Sadrith Mora (You should have spoken to her about the construction contract anyway)


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    there is one grand soul gem in balmora mage guild, at the bosmer enchantress.

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