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Thread: I Have Corpus

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    I Have Corpus

    Please can anyone help or am I up a creek with out a paddle?
    I am playing Marrowwind for the Xbox and I seem to be stuck. I am at the mission where I just contracted Corpus, and I must go to Tel Fyr. Well I'm in Tel Fyr yet the ancient wizard there is angry with me from killing one of his inmates during a previous visit to Tel Fyr (This happened when I got side tracked earlier in the game) Is there any hope for my current game, or must I scrap my current mission and start all over? Someone please respond. Thanx!

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    If you haven't killed any of his wives/daughters, drink a bunch of Telvanni bug musk potions. When his disposition is over 70, he will forgive you.

    If you killed a wife/daughter, you can do the 'back' main quest, but that isn't nearly as fun!

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