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Thread: Where are they now?

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    U could never find a person like Daniel Thron where I currently live even if u could check all streets, offices, houses and so on...try to find the "human drama angle on people eating each other"?! Crazy but love him!

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    Does anyone know if any of the individuals who worked on Thief 1 - 3 are involved with the development of Thief 4? I would certainly hope so. If not, it doesn't necessarily mean that Thief 4 will tank but it would be reassuring to know that some of those people who really "get" what Thief is all about are working on the fourth installment on the series.

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    Unfortunately, it may be hard for them to get any of the original devs considering it is 10+ years beyond their studio's closing and they all have new jobs, etc. There may also be an attitude among Eidos Montreal to keep it open to anyone and they may have all the folks they need for thief 4. Course that's just speculation on my part.

    The main person that I feel should be involved in the project would be Stephen Russell, the voice of Garrett. Without Russell, it just would not be the same. Still, a man can dream, can't he?

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    Fortunately, Mr Russell isnt as bound by things as the other team members have become. He could easily voice the game, if they would only ask/need him. I feel that Eric Brosius should have been a part of a new Thief game. His sounds were a monemental portion of the atmoshpere in Dark Project. Now it is commonplace of course, and anyone can fill the shoes and follow the "formula", but Eric could have made it special.

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    I also suspect and hope that Terri has been involved in the writing. And I think we already know who's been assigned the sound engineering, and it's not Eric Brosius, although his name escapes me at the moment. As I recall, he actually dropped in here to introduce himself soon after it was announced. As for Russell, I imagine they will have procured him to voice Garrett, whether Garrett is the main player character or a more peripheral character. Unless he refused, I can't imagine why they would get anyone else to voice him.

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    From the credits to Dishonored:

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    I wonder if by "Storytelling" they just mean readables. Because it seems like every time I read one, I think to myself "I bet Purah wrote that."

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