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Thread: Tested some mods (S.t.a.l.k.e.r SOC)

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    verbose douchebag
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    I'm about to replay SoC for the umpteenth time, but if I complete it, it'll only be the second time. I've got Complete 2009 - are there any other mods worth adding to it? Or are there other mods better than C2009? I don't want anything which HUGELY changes the game.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    If you go for the real ending of the game with Complete 2009, after the final cutscene you will spawn on the very top of the nuclear power plant (have a screenshot button ready) with a teleporter in front of you that will take you back to Cordon. I've now walked around the zone for a while after returning but I'm not really sure if there is anything different except me having a gauss rifle and some ammo in my stash.

    To answer your question, C2009 is the way to go for preserving the original experience, I didn't add any additional mods myself, I'm very happy with almost all of the changes (I fucking hate the extra save button in the main menu though).

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