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Thread: Thief Series FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Technical / Purchasing / Etc.) - 2012

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    Could you add this link to GamersGate? They sell TDP.

    Here's a link to a guide on the GOG boards which may come in handy.

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    I've updated purchasing information for thief, and added purchase information for Deadly Shadows.

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    Here are some links to my guides if they are of any use here <- Shock 2, <- Thief 1 / Thief Gold, <- Thief 2.

    It's been there for quite sometime. I rewrote it recently for the DDFix 1.5.11 as well as adding some other things.
    Enjoy, hope it's of use to someone.

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    I hate to have to resort to bumping this thread, but considering how long this thread has been around and it still hasn't been stickied, I have no choice...

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    Finally got it

    This is a long thread. I tried everything to get my computer, a Windows 7 multicore with a GE Force 450 Card, to run Thief, The Dark Project. I even gave up for awhile and played Thief 3 on Steam to the end (awesome game). This time I did everything, applying DDFix, the executables and the rendering fixes. I was still having trouble and then I tried the WinXP SP2 compatibility mode and the game works. I can choose a 1024 X 768 resolution and play in widescreen. Works great! You guys are awesome! Thank you! I now get to join the club of those sneeksie thievsies. I can't wait for Theif4 to come out.

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    Great, glad to hear you got the game working.

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    Glad too, great site

    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    Great, glad to hear you got the game working.
    I'm glad too. I got a little frustrated going through all the info here but I figured that if you did it, with some effort I can too. I have an IT and programing background (though it's been awhile since I banged out some code), so I really believe in working hard before crying help. I guess that after applying the Fix and the .exe, the issue then is properly fixing the compatibility. XP SP2 worked for me. I'd like to mention that I did NOT have to install the Widescreen patch. DDFix worked and gave me a good enough resolution at 1024 x 768, though I will try to enhance to something closer to my current desktop res of 1920 x 1080. When I get through DP I plan to add Gold and perhaps II, though I read that Gold and Dark Shadows are better. I must say that Dark Shadows on Steam works great. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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    Can we have this passage updated please ?

    My in-game movies (briefings and cutscenes) aren't playing anymore, how do I fix it?
    A third option if the above have failed:
    1) Press Start

    2) Press Run

    3) Type regsvr32 c:\your\path\to\Thief\LGVID.AX where "c:\your\path\to\Thief\" matches your own path.

    4) You should get a message box pop up that says dllregisterserver in module c:\your\path\to\Thief\LGVID.AX succeeded.
    On Win7x64 for sure this will NOT work.
    Instead it should go into a batch file (like RegIndeo.bat)
    regsvr32.exe "D:\Games\Thief2\LGVID.AX"
    Note: On Win7 you must specify the FULL path to LGVID.AX and you MUST rightclick on the batch file and select 'Run as Administrator'
    Otherwise it will fail.

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    Alternatively, Start / All Programs / Accessories and right click on the command prompt and choose "Run as Administrator". You can then enter the regsvr32 line from there without having to create an intermediate batch file.

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    Thank you guys for this. Noted and will update the thread accordingly.

    I tested doing it the old way myself (i'm on win7 x64) and I get a module loaded but dllregisterserver failed error.

    If one does it the way mentioned above by gnartsch, there is no indication that it worked when using the .bat file (at least for me anyway) but there is if one does the method that Al_B mentioned. (I get a dllregisterserver succeeded message.)
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    Strange - gnartsch's method and mine should have been basically equivalent so not sure why you'd get a succeeded message one way and nothing the other. I just prefer not to have to create a batch file for the job which is why I suggested the alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    If one does it the way mentioned above by gnartsch, there is no indication that it worked when using the .bat file (at least for me anyway) but there is if one does the method that Al_B mentioned. (I get a dllregisterserver succeeded message.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Al_B View Post
    Strange - gnartsch's method and mine should have been basically equivalent so not sure why you'd get a succeeded message one way and nothing the other.
    Yes, you should defintely get the confirmation both ways whether it worked or not.
    Did you - by accident - include the '/s' parameter that was used in the very old version ?
    regsvr32.exe /s D:\Games\Thief2\LGVID.AX
    That parameter is responsible for suppressing ANY error message or confirmation and therefor better should NOT be used.
    Without the '/s' I get a dialog that confirms all worked well. (I am on Win7-x64 as well)

    sNeaksieGarrett, may I ask you to slight revise that section on the first page ?
    That section gets more and more confusing.
    I am afraid people might have trouble figuring out what you want to say.

    *NOTE TO WINDOWS 7 USERS: The above method for registering the LGVID.AX file will not work on windows 7 64-bit, as first pointed out by gnartsch, here.
    For Windows 7 (maybe for Vista as well ??? don't know) try either of the following solutions below

    Solution 1:...
    Solution 2:...
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    Ah that explains it. Minor detail but significant. I'll make note of that in the first post. (/s suppresses message.)

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    My final post to this topic
    Now solution 5 is missing the important hint that you need to run the batch file with 'Run as Administrator'

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    Getting Thief Gold to run in Linux (Ubuntu in my case)

    I spent most of the day getting Thief gold to run on my laptop and thougth I'd post what I found out to help others.
    If anything is wrong about my post please excuse me, I'm new o this forum.

    So here's a short guide. It is basically a compilation of tips from here and from WineHQ, and trial and error success. I do not claim to have found out all this on my own and would like to credit all those that have posted Thief and Wine related topics all over the internet.

    1. Requirements:
    • Wine 1.54 It might work with other versions but I havn't tried it.
    • GNULinux Ubuntu 12.04. I guess it should be similar with other distibutions. Any commands i give later on are bash shell commands.
    • 2362_iv5setup.exe for the cutscenes. there is a link in the OP. While the fixes for the cutscenes given there did not work they pointet me in the right direction.
    • Thief Gold obviously. I had 2 CD .isos, but this should not matter.

    2. Set up wine to run in Win 98 mode and set the option in the graphics tab to allow mouse capture. It might work without, but this is how I set it up.

    3."echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope " Run this before installing. Without this I got all kind of errors while trying to run setup. credit to WineHQ iirc

    extract .iso s
    "wine setup.exe" in the 1. disk directory
    don't install codex (I am not sure whether you can't, but when I finally got it to work I skipped this step.)

    install 2362_iv5setup.exe (netscape codex not necessary) credit to OP

    install ddfix 1.5.8 and replace thief.exe (Apparently newer versions have whitescreen when ingame. I am not sure whether thats just my graphicscard) credit to WineHQ.
    edit cam.cfg for "game_screen_size x y"

    "echo -e "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides]\n\"winegstreamer\"=\"\"" | wine regedit -"
    This finally enabled cutscenes for me. Again credit to someone on WineHQ.

    With these steps Thief Gold runs smooth, with cutscenes, graphics and sound for me. Installing darkloader also works straightforwardly.

    I hope someone might find this useful. Perhaps som steps are unnecessary and need to be tested. The important parts are the to bash commands in step 3 and 7.

    If anyone is interested I might post guides for Thief 2 and Thief 3 in summer, when I get my hands on them again. Since Darkmod and Thievery are native to linux guides for that shouldn't be necessary/newsworthy.
    Last edited by jkoba; 20th May 2012 at 18:18. Reason: Added link to codex

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    Please note that this thread is for the Thief Series FAQ only. If you are having problems running the games then please create a new thread.

    Vic 2.0 and Dresden - I've moved your posts to new threads.

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    Regarding DeadlyShadows some things seem to require an update in the Patches-section.

    I guess instead of referring to the old 'WideScreenPatch', a link should be added to 'SneakyUpgrade', since it has more usefull things build in.

    The link to John P's Collective Texture Pack is orphaned.
    Obviously the author has decided to close his site.
    See here :
    The best thread on John P's patch is here:
    But finding a working download site is painful. Finally I found it here :
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    Thanks, will update the thread.

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    sNeaksieGarrett has updated the first post to include links to the NewDark patch, TFix and Tafferpatcher.

    NB Both TFix and Tafferpatcher include NewDark.

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    still (potentially confusing) mentions of DDfix there.

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    I've updated the main post with a new question related to the New Dark version of Thief 2 and Tos' Multiplayer patch. I wasn't sure where to put it, but I put it under the Miscellaneous category.

    Also, thanks to Nickie for being vigilant with regards to this thread being maintained and consulting with me on it.

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    Today I have added a question under Patches for Thief 2 regarding bug fixes for thief 2's original missions. AntiMatter_16 created a patch with bug-fixed versions of the OMs. (Note that you still require a legal copy of Thief 2 for these to be of use.)

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    The FAQ could use a mention of MrWynd's savegames:

    I don't know what the best links for them would be these days. My own mirror, uploaded January 10, 2012, has had 68 downloads, so who knows how many the other scattered links besides mine have been downloaded from. Until I close my account or this gets arbitrarily deleted by a bot's request:
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    there is still a lot of unhealthily outdated stuff in this FAQ.

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    But now there's a chance to fix it, since sNeaksie's still with us.

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