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Thread: Clear Sky: entering Cordon

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    I hit one bug down there where you run into an invisible wall (it will be obvious when and if it happens). You can get around it by jumping like crazy or going back and running at it again. It is weird but you can get past it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vernon View Post
    Hm I couldn't get the loners to do it and was told it was a known bug. Did you play using Complete? That may have fixed it.

    Thing about Bandit tech is he is the only one who can upgrade SEVA suit all the way
    Ahh yeah, they do have some pretty cool stuff, I seem to recall now (and luckily they don't really use it themselves). Too bad I've usually shot him in the face long before then. (I felt pretty bad too. I think he was the one who was actually polite, as bandits go).

    But anyway, yeah I've taken the bandit base in vanilla. The stalkers hold it as well, managing to suppress any insurgencies by themselves. And then no more bandits (until Limansk bridge I think. As you'd expect).
    It was annoying to do. You have to get them to cross in from Agroprom (that might be obvious. Can't remember), which at the time meant taking the Agroprom side camp from Duty, who were their friends and mine at the time.
    Talk about awkward.

    I was last trying to coax Duty into doing it when I was playing with Complete, but I couldn't manage it. They were content to occupy the nearby camps and then just massacre the bandits whenever they came out (hours of fun to watch). Bases seem to be faction specific goals and the bandit base is the Loners ultimate target. I was mainly hoping they'd change the radio station, but they don't, dammit all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dia View Post
    My old PC: an AMD Athlon 3200+, 2.20 GHz, 1.50GB; I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6200. (Told ya it was old!)
    ... but you have a new one on the way? How excitement! Have you already ordered it?

    Also wow you are running unpatched. That's brave. Maybe the patches broke more than they fixed? Who knows

    Quote Originally Posted by Muzman
    You have to get them to cross in from Agroprom (that might be obvious. Can't remember), which at the time meant taking the Agroprom side camp from Duty, who were their friends and mine at the time.
    Talk about awkward.
    God dammit that is ridiculous. I didn't know the Agroprom loner base even had a patrol spawn. This game is like opening up the box in Schrodinger's cat gedanken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vernon View Post
    I hit one bug down there where you run into an invisible wall (it will be obvious when and if it happens). You can get around it by jumping like crazy or going back and running at it again. It is weird but you can get past it lol
    I didn't run into that bug; novel, since I've probably hit every other bug there is in this bitch. The underground was a bit anticlimactic actually. I ran into more serious problems defending the scientists' bunker in Yantar; so much so that I reloaded from a previous save where I was still back in Agroprom (the Stalker side) so I could collect stuff from the corpses & resell it so I'd have ample ammo, etc. Even managed to nab an artifact, which helped with my zombie-killing fund. Fargin' bastards are almost as bad as the Bandit hordes.

    Gotta admit though, the Bandits do have catchy music. Duty, on the other hand, is collectively so damn serious that I wish there was a script that would enable me to tell them to lighten up just a tad (of course, that could earn me a broken jaw). Ah well; I can always head back to Freedom base for a little lighthearted fun, no?

    I do find it a bit strange that it's the Stalker side of Agroprom that keeps getting nailed with barrages of bandits and mutants while the Duty side remains relatively calm.

    I'm really enjoying this now that I've finally gotten comfortable with the game (same thing happened in SoC); well, as comfortable as you can get while feeling like you're walking barefoot on broken glass. One thing I really like is seeing the same places from SoC, but before they'd deteriorated to the extent that they appeared in the original. Very interesting indeed.

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    Okay I just finished it. I can finally get on with my life.

    Three tips:

    You can't turn around after crossing the bridge into Limansk. Your last purchases will have to happen there before that.

    Don't load up on too much stuff before heading to the NPP. I had way too much gear on me.

    I don't know if you will want Ammo/Rifle tips, but it might help with weight decisions if you don't use an exo:
    You will need something like a Tunder (Warsaw Pact) and SIG (NATO) (with a grenade launcher) and a max of 1000 AP rounds for each, as well as launcher grenades. Anything else is a tactical decision (RPG launcher, dedicated grenade launcher, shotgun, pistol etc..) I had a Goldfish artifact to carry extra weight when needed, but since the exo only has 3 slots, I ditched it at Limansk along with all my t2 rifles, shotgun, pistol, all my non-AP rounds and my Eastern Bloc grenades

    I relied on the following artifacts: Mama's Beads/Flame, Bubble, Firefly.
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    Well, it's official: my CS game is borked! Either that or it's my PC. I've lost count of the number of times I've uninstalled/reinstalled CS and now, just as I was getting ready to head back to Agroprom to continue on to the Yantar missions, I CAN'T GET BACK INTO FUCKING AGROPROM!!!!! I've had no problem getting back and forth from Garbage to Cordon and from Cordon to the Swamps, but the minute I tried re-entering Agroprom from either Garbage or the Swamps, everything seizes up. The game freezes and then crashes the minute it's loaded to the Agroprom map and shows my character standing there holding binoculars. Bam! It either crashes to desktop or the screen just freezes (while stuttering like a broken record on whatever sound is coming from the game). When it freezes solid I'm unable to do anything at all & end up having to manually turn off my PC, which can't be very good for the poor old thing. I've tried installing just about every patch there is, but it's always the same result: with a patch the game won't even load. I really didn't want to keep starting over, so I copied my saves from each previous game since each time I managed to get a little farther along, so maybe that's part of the problem as well. Maybe I'll have to bite the bullet if I really want to finish this accursed game and just start over again from day one (in the game). Or maybe I'll bite the other bullet and order the new PC that I've been drooling over and try playing on a decent machine.

    I've noticed now that my PC is freezing up and clocking, however briefly, even when I'm just typing in Word as well as on an online website. The freezes last about 15 to 20 seconds and it's getting VERY irritating!

    All in all, I've enjoyed CS, even though it's got to be the most difficult game I've ever played (or tried to play, at least). I enjoy a challenge as much as anyone, but between the bugs/glitches in the game and the bugs/glitches in my PC I'm going to have to throw in the towel.

    For now .......

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    god damn

    So what PC are you looking at?

    Sounds like you're going to have to wait for that before you hit CS again. Bummer

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    I'm looking at a customizable gamer PC from CPU Solutions, I had a lot of help picking out the components for this sweetheart (see but still have to go back & revise some of my choices per the advice I got from fellow TTLGers. Right now it's just a matter of just finalizing my choices and ordering the damn thing. I really hate to part with that kind of money, but at this point it's stupid to keep procrastinating.

    I guess getting caught up in CS and really wanting to finish the damned game (but not being able to) is the cattle-prod-to-the-ass I've needed. Well, that and the fact that I just bought Deus Ex: HR and will have to get that new PC if I ever want to play that one too (also keeping in mind that TES Skyrim gets released in a couple months).

    Thanks for your help, Vernon. I honestly appreciate all the advice.

    I'll be back .......

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    Quote Originally Posted by 242 View Post
    Oh Koki, FYI, I'm not interested in Stalker anymore. Hopelessly degraded to console games.
    Stalker 2 will purportedly be available for consoles, which begs the question, what will they be excising out of the spectacular equation that is the stalker games.

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    Okay, I'm expecting my new PC any day now and am wondering about the patches for CS. There looks to be about a gazillion of them: do I just install the latest (vers. 1.5.10 = 'stkcs-for-pack-efigspchj-patch-any-10.exe') and then the Sky Reclamation Project (v1.0.0)? Or do I have to install one of the earlier patches first? Btw; new PC has Windows 7 OS, if that matters.

    I am going to play this accursed game thru to its bitter end or somebody will die horribly.


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    You know what? I would play something else first. Like CoP or Metro 2033. Or anything. You don't want to spoil the novelty of having a nice new PC by tainting it with this monstrosity. Play something else. Wait it out. Just my 2 bob

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    Thanks yet again for good advice Vernon. It just so happens I have a brand new DE: HR just sitting here waiting to be installed (on something!). Probably a very good idea to get used to my new system first before tackling the multi-headed CS beast .

    Right now, having to operate my old PC in SafeMode only, I can tell you it's gonna seem like an eternity until my new system arrives!

    I may actually get a little cranky in the next few days.
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    How I did it: played CS, got fed up, took a break, started CoP, was blown away. Seriously, after a bit of time off STALKER, CoP is such a refreshingly pleasant experience that it was an awesome palate-cleanser after CS. Don't get me wrong, there were things I loved about CS - but it is definitely miles behind what either SoC or CoP offer. If I were you I'd leave CoP till after CS, and finish the series (so far) with a pleasant aftertaste instead of CS's acrid, offensive disappointment .

    (I'm running with the assumption that you've not played CoP, based only off the fact that Vernon suggested you play it. So I may be wrong.)
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    More good advice, Bakerman. And even though I've already played CoP (beat it & got the good ending) I plan on going back and replaying. I still want to play the 3 Stalker games (1 game, 2 'extensions'?) in their 'chronological' order (CS, SoC, then CoP), even though I've already played SoC (never finished it) & CoP. However, due to both the glitch/bug ridden CS game and the glitch/bug ridden condition of my old PC, I wasn't able to get far in CS.

    My new Phenom II is due to arrive any day now, and, after going through all the usual stuff one goes through when setting up a new PC, I plan on playing something other than Stalker - just to give my frazzled nerves a break. As I said, I have Deus Ex: HR just sitting here and I figure that'll be a good way to initiate my new PC. I'd also very much like to play Metro 2033 (thanks for the suggestion, Vernon; Last Light looks AWESOME). In short, I'm going to take a break from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for awhile. Since my current PC is trying desperately to shut down once & for all (I can only operate in 'Safe Mode with Networking') I'm unable to play ANY games: ergo, WITHDRAWAL!!!!! End result: severe crankiness.

    Thanks again for the advice Bakerman. Much appreciated.

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    Ooooh I thought you hadn't played CoP. Dunno why. Welp

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    (WARNING: Serious bragging to follow.) OMG I AM IN 7TH HEAVEN!!!!

    My new baby.


    3.2Ghz Custom PC Gamer System

    -Case: Cooler Master Elite 310 Chassis Mid-tower - 11 Bays
    -Power Supply: Antec EarthWatts EA650 ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply 650W
    -AMD Motherboard Options: ASUS M4A87TD EVO Desktop Motherboard
    -AMD CPU Options: AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-core 955 3.2GHz Processor 3.2GHz - 4000MHz HT - 2MB L2 - 6MB L3 - Socket AM3
    -DDR3 Memory: Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 RAM Module DDR3- 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)
    -PCI Express Video Card: RADEON HD6850 775M 1GB DDR5 HD
    -SATA Hard Disk: Western Digital SATA3/16MB -WD500GB 7200rpm WD5000AAKX Caviar Blue SATA 6Gb/s
    -Optical Drive: LG GH24NS50 24x DVD±RW Super Multi Drive
    -OS: WINDOWS 7 Home Prem 64 Bit 1PK License and Media - OEM - 1 PC
    - Office: Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student - 32/64-bit

    Thanks again to all who gave me such GREAT advice about buying a new PC!

    One problem: I am fighting the SERIOUS urge to load CS, patches and all. I would've thought that with a brand new retail copy of DE:HR sitting on my PC hutch that I'd be all antsy to load it up asap. However, I'm finding that as much as I've loved the DE games, I'm feeling rather obsessed with CS, in spite of all the good advice to play something else first on my new Phenom II. Hey wait! I also never got to play Bioshock II; a (retail) copy of which I also happen to have. Oh Good Lord.

    Quandaries and dilemmas.

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    NICE !!!

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