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Thread: Has anyone tried...

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    Has anyone tried...

    Pickpocketing the hoods off the three people you have to kill to join the brotherhood. You know way out in the swamp in the abandoned shack?

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    Yup. I even got a letter from Calcemo requesting one of them. I also made Lydia wear one for the lulz, which turned prophetic much later as I sacrificed her to Boethiah

    Edit: wait, I didn't actually pickpocket them, just looted them after I killed all three.

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    You know how it sometimes pulls the person you are talking too to the next room when you leave? It did that once on the Xbox version for the woman in the center. She was untied, but still wearing the hood, then when I returned inside, she was tied up again.

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    That happens to me quite often, because I'm usually trying to get past NPCs without hearing them speak. At Breezhome anyone who makes a passing comment gets dragged into the kitchen to finish their sentence.

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