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Thread: Garrett's promise in blood (Thief 2 spoilers)

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    Garrett's promise in blood (Thief 2 spoilers)

    Okay, so I was just thinking about the truce that Garrett calls with Viktoria in Thief 2. She draws some blood from his arm and claims that "the earth will keep [his] promise for [him]." What exactly does she mean by this? I always figured she put some kind of curse on him which would start to have its effect should he ever choose to betray her.


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    I also think it's some kind of curse, like if you take an oath and agree to suffer the consequences if you violate it.

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    I don't think that it was a curse since Viktoria also cut her arm. It was more likely to underline the truth of her words and/or offer.

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    I didn't think of it as a curse exactly but rather as a pact. They each vowed to do their part and Viktoria was saying that the earth would witness their vows and hold each of them responsible. And there was an implied punishment for the oath breaker.

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    Since Viktoria is somehow part of "the earth", she'd have no problem anyway to execute any kind of punishment.

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    Don't you know, in the "olden times" it was a custom to seal pacts, truces, promises, etc. with blood, in the name of a deity. I guess with Constantine's demise the earth was about as much divinity as the Pagans could lay their hands on.

    For the custom, see any amount of sagas (the Gíslasaga, for instance), or romances, gestae, an so forth. There's the famous "blood oath" of the seven Hungarian chieftains, for instance.

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