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Thread: Wanted: Cutscene Artist & Animator

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    Wanted: Cutscene Artist & Animator

    I'm looking for someone(s) who can make cutscenes for my Prequel campaign in the style of the original LGS T1 and T2 cutscenes. I have have plans for four:
    • prior to Finals at the Academy,
    • between Finals and the next mission (True Dreams),
    • between True Dreams and the final mission (Graduation), and
    • a final climactic cutscene which wraps it all up and provides a bridge to T1.

    While I have a general idea of what I want visually, I would like this to be a true collaboration and I am open to (and expect) your ideas to make these the best fan-made cutscenes possible. In aid of that collaboration I would like the selected artist(s) to offer rough concept art and story boards prior to our jointly committing to each cutscene. I am also open to the idea of additional, in-mission animated sequences should the selected animator(s) want to explore that, but at this time I am not planning any, and will need to be convinced that it adds to the player experience.

    I am working towards a campaign release date of mid 2013. If it takes until 2014 to get the missions the way I want them to be, then that's what it takes. My focus is on quality not schedule. If more time is needed, so be it. I would rather release a quality product later than release something we are not proud of to an artificial schedule.

    If you are interested, please PM me or respond directly to this thread, describing your prior artistic and animation experience. Your ability to emulate the artistic style, the look and feel, of the original LGS cutscenes is key. Thank you.

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    Well, no volunteers so far.

    If you can't volunteer your own services, I wonder if you can recommend someone who might be willing to give this a shot?

    Or maybe you can remember a mission where you saw a really well done cutscene movie that looked like LGS original? Maybe that mission author could suggest someone.

    Any help you can offer is appreciated.

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    I'm inexperienced in DromEd, but there's a couple of FMs that have fine video: you can try "The Cabal" or T2X. Add to it that "The Cabal" has more T3-themed films than T2X, but they are still awesome. Hope that helps... Good luck!

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    People that have done cutscenes before are like Loanstar and godismygoldfish IIRC, but they're not around anymore. You might go outside the community to hit people up on e.g. Youtube, deviantArt, or New Grounds, people that have made animations before and look like they could make something that'd be a good fit.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look.

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    Hey, I suddenly got enlightened: you can ask ShyGreenMoon - she does animations!

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    I've been wanting to learn how to do that kind of stuff, and I seem to remember a "behind the scenes" video for how they did it - maybe it was for a fan project, maybe LG, not sure. Anyone know what I'm talking about? it had actors in front of green screens...

    there's a brief how-to for a simple intro here: but it doesn't have any of the advanced animation (just text presentation, screenshots, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keeper M. View Post
    Hey, I suddenly got enlightened: you can ask ShyGreenMoon - she does animations!
    Great, I'll see if she is interested.

    Also, my focus here is more on the art than the animation.

    I'm probably making it sound more complex than it is. I can do the technical side of making a video from art if I have to, I have Pinnacle software and various other specialty video editing programs, so from that angle I'm fine. But I'm no artist and can't draw the original art necessary to the project.

    I'm using the terms "concept art" and "story boarding" to mean quick sketches of video frames placed in sequence to tell the story of the proposed cutscene. Nothing fancy in the early phases, just enough to email back and forth about without spending a lot of time on detailed drawings. The idea is to minimize wasted effort while deciding on exactly what art is needed. This is just to aid communication for remote collaboration.

    The critical skills I'm looking for have to do with the ability to get the T1 feel right. Think of the first or second cutscenes in T1. Thatís the artistic style and quality that Iím after for my campaign.

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    I think you could do fine even without a 2D artist. If you want T1 style briefings, you basically need the text sequence, screenshots from your FM, maybe a map if you want to include something about planning.
    Usually the cutscenes include drawings of the main loot, but you're a talented modeler, you could render a hi-poly version of your loot and add a few effects in photoshop to make it look like a painted stuff, the same goes for screenshots of your location.
    As for the prototyping stage, you could put some text placeholders, so you don't need any drawings. Or...

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