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Thread: This forum is terrifying

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    This forum is terrifying

    Jesus, it's like going into a utility room for the first time in two years to find out that your roomba has become self aware and started to build a civilisation. Out of interest, how long after the apocalypse could the RSSbot keep blindly spamming itself for? Assuming it's one of those viral apocalypses in which the infrastructure keeps humming along for a bit.

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    Since the bot apparently gets most of its topics from kotaku, it'd probably go very silent the moment that site ceased to have any new BS-related content.

    It's a bit sad really how the only person in this forum who seems to be positively excited and cheerful is the RSS bot. It just gleefully keeps on posting superficial news items, remaining completely oblivious to the fact that nobody's really interested in any of it. If I remember correctly, Digital Nightfall temporarily killed disabled the bot in the past, but then people felt pity on our virtual BioShock enthusiast, and it was revived.

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    Do RSSbots dream of electric Ken Levines?!

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    One day they will come back, and bring new games to talk about. One day

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    Reminds me of Cowboy Bebop episode which had an AI driven laser orbiting Earth. Hundreds of years after it was abandoned and most humans left/went underground, due to some AI glitch iit started using its laser to draw shapes on Earth.

    So what I am saying is, enter 3487AD with Bioshock 17 made by RSSBot :|

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