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Thread: Getting An AI To Walk On Ceilings, Walls, etc.

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    Getting An AI To Walk On Ceilings, Walls, etc.

    If anyone has seen animations based on Eshcher's artwork, you've probably seen people walking on ceilings, etc. I was wondering what you could do to an AI's params to make it do similar moves.

    One interesting application would be mimicking a reflection of someone standing on a shiny floor, though it would probably be limited to idling, and where the player couldn't affect the AI.

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    i think in "best defense" there is an area of spiderbots on a ceiling, but its been so long i can't remember for sure and don't know how good it looked.

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    I'm pretty sure AI can't actually walk on walls or the ceiling, the physics engine will probably trump anything you try to do with regards to rotating the AI. I seem to recall someone did something once where they actually flipped a mesh upside down (like in an object editor) and used other trickery to make it look like it was real, but I have no idea how convincing that was or what limitations and issues it had.

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