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Thread: Darkmod: Community Beginner Contest 2012 Results

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    Darkmod: Community Beginner Contest 2012 Results


    Sneak & Destroy (Author: SeriousToni)


    1) Sneak & Destroy ( SeriousToni ) 73.95%

    2) In Remembrance of Him ( RPGista) 70.85%

    3) Rightful Property ( jysk ) 69.58%

    Congratulations to all participants!

    Like Melan and many others have stated, all three missions were so good they can hardly be
    considered "beginner" at all.
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    Congratulations SeriousToni! Not so serious now huh?

    Looks like it was a pretty close-run contest.

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    Congratulations SeriousToni
    Quote Originally Posted by edudrekib View Post
    1) Seek & Destroy
    Sneak & Destroy?

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    Yes, it's "Sneak & Destroy".

    I accidentally reverted back to the song that SeriousToni was surely referencing
    when he named this mission. Biker just copied my post...


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    That's why we're here - celebrating Heavy Metal ... err The Beginners Contest.. at its best!

    Great song btw

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    Congrats! I got to say i liked all the missions a lot.Somewhat equally

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousToni View Post
    - celebrating Heavy Metal ... err The Beginners Contest.. at its best!

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    Congratulations SeriousToni!...You deserve it...

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