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Thread: Cosmopolis

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    Saw this last night. I don't quite know what to say other than Cronenberg doesn't disappoint. Even the basic set-up (this guy wants to go across town for a haircut), when framed within the context of the rest of the film, is genius.

    The pacing in this is veering towards Lynch-esk (which is no bad thing as he's also a fav of mine), but Cronenberg can't quite manage those slow drawn out scenes that both baffle and relaaaaaax you, and there are moments that drag. It's certainly not as mainstream as A History of Violence or Eastern Promises.

    To sum it up - a lot of wonderful weirdness, some suitably great proper character characters, a few laugh out loud moments, and a good chunk of sadness actually.

    If you've never seen Cronenberg you might surprise yourself a little.

    Those of us in the theatre who obviously knew what we were in for laughed a few times when people walked out. Yeah, it's Pattinson, but this isn't Twilight, this is something better.

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    Hmm, I've heard mixed things about this and while I like Cronenberg, I'm kinda hot and cold on Delillo, with Cosmopolis not being among my favourites. Why couldn't Cronenberg have made White Noise instead?

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    Yeah I've also heard mixed things about it, but since it's Cronenberg I'm too curious not to watch it. But I'll wait until it hits Blu-ray/DVD.

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    This is another movie on my list...

    So I can't speak about this movie, but speaking generally ... reminds me of the state of movies these days. What's the point of boundaries if there aren't movies that break them, or an audience that understands why they need to be broken? I feel like there's an entire generation of movie-going audiences since the 80s now that have never gotten the memo about what cinema is for, and just no exposure to things that push the boundaries.

    This is the inadvertent side-effect of having too much media surrounding us, there's hardly ever a quiet moment, and since people can choose their reality, without knowing better they just completely surround themselves with a padded room where nothing crawls in... Gone are the days where a person could be so bored on a weekend night they'd turn to the only eyebrow raising movie on and have their horizons expanded...

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