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Thread: Funny Essay Titles

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    Keeper Mallinson

    Funny Essay Titles

    We just got our essays back in English 104. It was on a story, "The Secret Sharer," about a captain harbouring a criminal. Funny turnout. At first, the professor showed us a list of certain grammatical mistakes we all made. It started something like, "While in general the essays given out seemed to have very good potential and thought processes, it seems that most people in this class have no idea how to use possessive apostrophes." We all got a good laugh at that.

    Then, he showed us another sheet on the projector. It went something like this:

    A list which suggests that, while many students in English do not understand possessive apostrophes, they sure know how to create memorable titles.

    "The Captain: A Mama's Boy?"

    "Dramatic Differences/Striking Similarities"

    "Divergent and Convergent"

    "A Portrayal of Critical Essays Pertaining To
    'The Secret Sharer': As Seen through the eyes
    of a Business Administration Student"

    "The Secret Sharers: Why Critical Approaches
    Fail This Story"

    "The Rich, The Poor, The Good & The Bad...
    A Matter of Perspecitve"

    "inside vs. outside--a comparitive criticism
    of 'the secret sharer' using psychoanalysis and
    new historicism"

    "The New Historical-Psycho Secret"

    "How Schwartz and Scott Pick Apart a Good Story"

    "Memory Versus History: The Psychoanalytic
    and Historical Analyses of the Secret Sharer"

    "Ssshh... it's a secret"

    And My Favorite Top Three: (Voice of professor, not me)

    "Freud Aboard the Cutty Sark"

    "Leverson Sinks Scott's Ship"

    "Fertilizing: A literary Piece of
    Academic Bullsh**"

    I don't know why he didn't include mine. I thought it was rather clever: "The same side of Different Coins: Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction". You know, like "Two sides of the same coin...?" Well, it's better than "Dramatic Differences/Striking Similarities"!

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    hehehe... for some reason, this reminds me of a friend of mine who graduated from MIT and then applied to graduate school at Harvard. The essay that he wrote for the application was entitled "Why the Chicken Crossed the Road."

    He got in.

    Alas, I never had the pleasure of reading said essay, but I can only imagine...

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    This should help your class some


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