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Thread: For you fans of Japanese kiddie-porn...

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    For you fans of Japanese kiddie-porn...

    From that reputable news medium known as the everythreeweekly.

    Students Prepare for Violent Animated Japanese Pornography Festival

    It was a good day for freakish goth-type people yesterday, as the Japanese Animation Society announced that its annual anime festival, Con Ja Nai, has been expanded to include a second screen. Organizers hope that the festival expansion allows more people to take in the wonder of Japanese pornography-animation.

    Anime films are reputed to feature higher quality than American animated features. They often deal with alien planets, ancient sword fighting, or cute animals, and are specifically created for horny male audiences between the ages of 12 and 25. Typically graphically violent and sexual, plot lines range from comic romances involving high school students to pornographic tales of omnipotent blood demons whose penises topple skyscrapers.

    "The stories are more involved and they generally have a sci-fi angle to them," said longtime anime enthusiast and club member John Parker. An aficionado of the art, Parker attributes the popularity of the films to their unique style and "how cool it is to see a metallic dragon being circumcised with a katana blade."

    But, while good fun is had by all festival attendees, there is a larger goal. "Our group is dedicated to the expansion of awareness of Japanese culture through animation," said society president Akira Kyodaiken. "It's funny, but most people don't know that Japan is a post-apocalyptic war zone centered around neo-Tokyo and infested with gigantic mechanized robots piloted by mega-violent blue haired hot shots who kill acquaintances for sport."

    Some have complained about the excessively sexual content of the movies shown at Con Ja Nai, but Kyodaiken thinks they perform a public service. "Our movies stimulate interest in cultural exchange," he said. "We've had a lot of students inquiring about study abroad programs after seeing the shows. Usually, they also ask about the android lesbian mermaids with dual processing vaginas, but that comes with the territory."

    The complaints lodged against the festival may grow more vocal this year, as this is the first year it will contain explicit adult-oriented animation. The first of these controversial films will be The Naughty Tentacle. Kyodaiken describes the movie in a single sentence, "I don't want to give it away, but my entire family disowned me after they so the video's box. So you know it'll be good."

    The rest of the festival's lineup includes Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bondage Faeries Extreme, Akira, Ninja Scroll and Ghost in the Shell. All are being shown with their original Japanese dialogue and English subtitles, but, in a first for the festival, the organization will also screen the English version of the rare hentai film Cherry Blossom Kiss Bang Bang Rice Donkey Robot Fuck.

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    Japanese also have gigantic eyes to help them see in the dark, and instead of an armed forces they employ a bunch of super-powered warriors who shoot death beams from their hands.

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    Funny stuff.

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    "pornographic tales of omnipotent blood demons whose penises topple skyscrapers."

    There's a joke in there involving impotent demons, penises and toppling skyscrapers, but I can't quite find the words to phrase it in

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