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Thread: 100 % Chameleon: Constant Effect

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    100 % Chameleon: Constant Effect

    I did it ! It was expensive as hell but it can be done.

    It's funny because the guards react when you commit a crime by running around looking for you. You can also go up to a guard and " Resist arrest " without any fear of retaliation from them...or shoot'em...tease 'em...fart on'em....doesn't matter they just run around confused.

    I also enchanted a shield with constant effect Summon Dremora. Boy is he a riot at a party. I'm teaching him to swim, kill bad guys, and where to place that small fork when he sets the table. People in town make rude comments to Drem when he walks by.... he respones by saying, " Don't bother me I'm with howie ".
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    *grin* Yeah, I got bored so I used the editor to make an amulet with 100% chameleon and 500% sneak... funny thing is, I was breaking into Mehra Milo's place to follow that quest, and I figured that I didn't need to sneak as the nearby Ordinator couldn't see me. Nope, I got reported, and got kicked out of Temple.... so okay, so they may've heard the pick tickling the lock's tumblers, but how the heck did they know it was me?

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    ....but how the heck did they know it was me?
    That's one thing I can't figure out. They also know when you look in their pockets.

    I had a (constant effect) ring of levitation made for me by an enchanter at the temple. I wanted to have it made as cheaply as possible so I left all the settings at 0 effect. After it was made, I put the darn thing on.....hahaha...I not only didn't fly....hahaha...when I sounded like I had an outboard motor strapped to my ass. I realized I screwed up but had it made again with the settings at 1. Works like a charm now.

    PS - I don't understand why I can't do the constant effect enchanting myself.

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    Kroakie made some good points re: enchating in this thread:
    Soul Gem(Winged Twighlight) *Spoiler*

    *laugh* I just got an odd mental image on rereading this thread.... C'mon, Akulakhan, eat your food, here comes howie the airplane... *brbbbbrrrbbbbrrrr*

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    I boosted my intelligence to 240 and luck to 100 plus but still no luck doing it myself. I found it easier to buy items from the creeper and raising his buy rate in multiples of $5,000 then selling him high value items. I do it buying $5,000 items he has, use my own cash to up his, then sell him items up to $50,000 -- as long as he has ten $5,000 doller items you got it made up to $50,000. You have to sell back the $5,000 stuff over a few days but it works nicely.

    Had a ring made that has all the properties of a nuclear explosion. It can take out multiple AI's with a single 50 ft blast. If I set it off inside a building, it will kill everyone inside within 20 seconds.

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    what does chameleon do?

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    Chameleon makes you blend in w/ your you that kind of glass-like appearance. it is far superior to invisibility in that invisibility is cancelled upon taking any action, including opening doors, talking, and especially attacking while Chameleon (especially if you are over 100% effect points) makes you so see through that they don't know you are there...and you can still act.

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    If you don't mind explaining how you did that could you tell me how to enchant something with 100 % Chameleon: Constant Effect
    I have finished the main quest and I'm getting around to stealin and lootin but I still don't understand how enchant something...actually only breifly looked at doing it but it would be cool to learn now.

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    Legitally, you can't have a 100percent constant effect chameleon enchantment. You would need to go into the editor and increase the enchantment capacities of the items... So there is actually no way for a legit character to have an item with 100 chameleon, which imo is perfectly fine cause it would be really unbalancing to have an item with that power, the game is already easy enough as it is.

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    On the other hand you can make a Daedric Tower Shield with 0-88% constant (the value is fixed once you wear it) and get 87% chameleon from one item, since the game apparently won't let you get the maximum value if it has a range to choose from you can't get 88%.

    And chameleon stacks if you get it from more than one item so you can reach quite a lot of chameleon %, but anything above 80 is waste IMO and it's stupendously powerful too.

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    You are correct in saying you can't do it with one item but wrong in saying you can't do it without cheating. I don't use the editor to do anything. I have a daedric shield at 28% chameleon, daedric gloves at 12% each times 2 at 24%, a amulet at 24%, and a ring at 24%, with a total of 100%. You still have to use sneak when picking locks but picking pockets seems to be off-limits. You must have all items at constant effect and wear all the pieces to pull it off but the rewards are no AI attacks until you want them. That'll keep those cliff racers off your back.

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    WingedKautoi is a smart one.

    Everytime you equip an item with a differing value constant stat boost effect, you roll a dice to see what it is.

    IE: if you have pair of boots with + 1 to 100 speed, and you equip them, you'll have a number rolled, that will be 1 to 100, so naturally you can effectively double your stat upping blah blah

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    That may be true Tuco but you can also set both (high/low) to the same setting to ensure the constant effect of 100%. That's why the stats are so low on the shield, gloves, ring, and amulet. They are all set to equal high/low values for a stable effect, to make sure of the outcome each time, 100%.

    If you want to strike fear in the hearts of everything, do it. If I wear this combo, then attack a AI (with Umbra's sword of course), they all run in fear, including Golden Saints. It's fun! I feel like the Predator in Arnolds movie.
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    Yes, but you can do it with half the amount of items required.

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    100 % chameleon is neat in other ways too.

    You can see stuff most players will never see:
    - Ash Slave's worshipping the unholy land on Red Mountain
    - The expression of torment & pain of a Corprus Stalker
    - Evil AI praying to Dagoth Ur
    - Comments from AI you normally wouldn't hear
    - What are AI's really doing when they think you're not there ? Sometimes they're having sex.

    It makes Morrowind a whole new experience in this mode.

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    i did a similar experiment with health.

    so every time i get hit, the little red bar goes down, and then the little red bar goes up...

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    Just a *bump*.


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    Yeah being ass-rich is nice and easy, but im doing it the hard way. By using me skills(i have Enchant at 69 right now) and a load of Fortify Intelligence potions. Sure, the best i could do right now is 5 recharge fatigue constant, but at least my game still has some challenge left.

    (well actually i just couldnt find a pro Enchant trainer, but thats just as well)

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    There is a guy in the indoranyon stronghold that will train you up to 100. He is very hard to find when you go in the passageway dont jump down instead look left there should be another passageway down there.

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