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Thread: [Bi-yearly post] Anti-toxin hypo alternatives

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    [Bi-yearly post] Anti-toxin hypo alternatives

    In reference to the thread title: I'm not actually a new user here, I made a single post a few years back (yes, a LONG time ago ) in relation to possible SS3 stories. I would have hung around for longer, but life got the better of me. And since it's been about 2 years since my last post, I thought I'd make a ritual of one posting every 2 years.

    Anyway, to the topic: while playing System Shock 2, the single most annoying thing that happens to me is acidentally stepping on a pile of worms, becoming infected. The reason it's annoying is because I usually have no anti-toxin hypos, and the infection never seems to go away on its own.

    Now, I just searched, and my first question has already been answered: the toxins don't go away naturally like radiation.

    But I do have another question: has anyone been able to find a method other than using anti-toxin hypos to remove toxins from your body? That is, of course, other than dying and being resurrected.
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    dyi-- oh, wait.
    there's the anti toxin suit, that worm implant and the annelid skin that would prevent it, but other then that, i don't think so.

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    Medical beds flush the toxins from your body for 5 nanites

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    Okay - thanks.

    It seems a bit strange to me that those toxins won't go away on their own - yes, it adds an interesting element to the game (in that you *must* find treatment or die), but for those who haven't found the QBR machine in their area and are out of anti-tox (the clumsy ones that keep stepping on piles of worms that look like harmless vomit), it's a bit unfair.
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    You can also use the Psi Toxin Shield (tier 3 from memory).

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    If you have
    a WormBlood Implant

    you can remove icky worms completely, but that is a ways into the game. Personally, I just take a running jump whenever I pass near any.

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    Drinking 10 sodas in quick succession prompting urination should help flush out at least some of the toxins from your bloodstream. Come on, it worked in the 60's!
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