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Thread: Main Quest?!

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    Main Quest?!

    just wondering, what exactly IS the main quest? does it have anything to do with the package you deliver at the start of the game? or anything to do with the Blades and Cassius Coscade?
    or is it the whole buisness about the Sleepers and all that stuff
    if it is to do with the sleepers, how do i further my quest? ive had a couple of people come up to me and say they had a dream, then i tell them something and they like me afterwards and thank me for it, then i get a boost in my rep.
    has THIS got anything to do with the main quest?

    so far all ive been doing is finding as many people as i can to kill. and as much stuff as i can to steal from people.
    oh and doing the odd job for people.
    i especially like to help people get to where they are trying to go (ie escort missions)
    and then find some really nasty monsters to beat them up, loot them and leave the monsters be. HAH that'll teach ya to trust a dark elf!

    but anyway, i side-tracked.
    what and WHERE is the main quest, and how do i further it?

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    Yes, take that package to Caius and he gives you instructions.
    That's the main quest.
    It reveals itself more as you play.

    Or you can decide not to do it and do your own thing instead. Your choice, the game doesn't care.

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    I suggest you join a few guilds and level up a bit before you do the main quest. It will make it much eazier.

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    cheerz 4 the advice

    im currently lvl 13, armor 71
    found a KICK ASS helm. 101AR, +25 to personality. and a few other things.
    compared to my friend who is playing it and is about the same level, i could easily cut him down with one hit. im one baaad mofo (ahah i think so at least)
    im slowly making my way thru the main quest now.
    i always seem to get distracted on the way to wherever i need to go, and end up dicing up some baddies (or some goodies, depending on if they piss me off or not )

    CrushedBeef - The Dark Elf with a 20 second concentra....hey whats that over there!!!

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