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Thread: Almalexia is a psycho

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    No, no, that's the beauty of it. "Banana Floater" just rolls off the tongue!

    Also, Ania: Remember when I bought Daggerfall off of you a while back? More than a year ago, in fact. Well, I finally got a computer bad enough to run it (got it for $10 - 400MHz, 64MB RAM, a definite beauty of antiquity). I'm installing it as we speak!

    Now I just have to go buy a third soundcard. It's crazy. All three of my desktops have had sound issues, which I've solved by putting in a $3 soundcard.

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    I run Daggerfall in DosBox. Works great liek whoa!!11

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    It never worked for me. It just wouldn't run period. Regardless, having the right machine really adds to the old school feel, heh.

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    should have brought it a few years ago. it worked fine

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    I think I was six when it first came out, so not much luck there!

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    Think I played it on a borrowed computer when it first came out

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    I have two copies of Daggerfall... both in mint condition with the boxes. One was from when it was released in Australia, the other was bought a year or so ago. For $10.

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    Pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returns!!

    I don't think my computer would run daggerfall because most people's new computers can't run it with dosbox and it is hard to find a copy. Not to mention that MW steals enough of my time already, and then oblivion will come out, I don't my body could handle daggerfall as well; I can survive without sleep but I need time to eat.

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    Nah.. intravenous nutrition - the way to go....

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    Ugh, well, I tried Daggerfall for a bit. I just can't figure out the controls at all and, to make matters worse, I keep dying in the beginning dungeon! I don't know. I think I may just stick to Morrowind.

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    The default isn't what you'd normally expect... however... you can set it up to have mouse look and use the wasd keys to move and strafe. Exactly like a FPS of today. And to attack, just hold one of the mouse buttons down (can't remember which) and swing the mouse like a mad man!

    And the beginner dungeon is easy... if you know the direct way to the exit.

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    Hmm. I'll see what I can do. But! In the newest interview on Oblivion, a new Radial AI mishap was shared which I found quite amusing:

    A few weeks ago there was an instance where a player dropped the "Skull of Corruption," an artifact that when used on an enemy makes an evil clone of that enemy. He was just testing and wanted to make sure the object used the physics correctly when dropped. So he drops it and an NPC runs up, grabs it, and shoots the player with it—creating an evil version of the player who starts killing everyone. It was hilarious.

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    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    Thats awesome, I would love an evil identical clone. And that skull, I remember reading about that in MW and wished that it was included in MW, good to see it in OB.

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    Sounds like there'll be some fun toys in Oblivion then..

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    I think it would be very, very cool. It begs the question: If that were to happen to Tuco and he was forced to fight himself, who would win? It'd be cool anyway to have a super-powerful character and then getting cloned...

    Oh. Since my first character will have insane strength, I'm wondering if I can 'close' the Oblivion gates just by dropping ginormous rocks infront? Heh.

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    I guess it'd depend on the AI, and how efficiently it used potions and items etc. Hopefully the human brain would win.....

    ...or the race of men will fall....

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    I can't let this thread die, not with oblivion so close...

    I can almost taste it..

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    Don't worry, Lacerta. I'll hunker down with you and wait it out. Nothing'll happen to this thread on my watch!

    (Oh, and I'd better see all you guys returning when Oblivion is released, otherwise I may have to hunt you all down...)

    Here, have a cookie:

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    I just came back from renaissonce club, pretty cool but god I feel like a geek! I'll probably feel like a bigger one if I go to the wargaming/RP one I joined (because it gave me 5% off at a store I go to). I also joined Greens OnCampus, Amnisty international and the Buddhist club, which go into the realm of hippie rather than geek so I feel I'm well rounded.

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    I love Renaissance fairs! I'm in the early stages of building my own armor - the mockup is made and I need only the right kind of metal. Regrettably, it's Lorica Segmentata, and Rome is quite a way from the Renaissance era.

    Still, I figure if I wear it anyway, no one can exactly stop me. I can small someone's face in with my sword if they protest

    (You sure are in a lot of clubs, Pisces )

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    Location: At the MW forums. NZ
    I already discussed that with my club, they are fine with me using roman themes. Didn't ask them about India and surrounding themes though
    There is another guy in the club who also likes roman so I will see if he wants to build a wooden scutum and gladius and I can do the same so we can have roman duels.

    Making armour seems far too complex for me, I'll stick with making wooden swords, sheilds and clothing (no not wooden clothing you n00b).

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    ^^Official Forums^^
    vv TTLG Forums vv

    Yes, I heard that Oblivion has gone gold. This is indeed a day to rejoice!

    (I got a severe warning on the official forums for telling the moderators how to do their job. I love the TTLG atmosphere so much more.)

    Pisces: Roman armor is actually surprisingly simple to make with the right tools. Most of the metal (16 to 20 gauge sheet metal) are rectangles with rounded edges. Everything is riveted to strips of leather - nothing is riveted directly together. I just need the right cutting tools, a riveter, and some leather. You can see how the Corbridge style is put together, or the later, and incorrectly drawn, Newstead. (There should be large hinges on the collar. Though to be honest, my armor probably won't have these - I don't need them.)

    I love you, Rome

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    hehe I'm a moderator over on the official forums too.

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    What! Hey, what's your name? My gripe was over the Oblivion moderators. I was also told that they get a free version of Oblivion. Hmph.

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