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Thread: Really powerful enchantment suggestions?

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    Really powerful enchantment suggestions?

    I killed Divayth Fyr after I completey the main quest and and after and after I completed all the chores he had for me in the house of Telvanni. I won't need him again for anything will I? Anyway I got all his daedric armor now I need some really really powerful constant effect enchanments to put on them?

    Any suggestion? I am a level 100 enchant with plenty of Golden Saint and Ascended Sleeper soul gems. I don't know if I'll be able to get Azura's star.

    Also, is it possible to make weapon more powerful than keening and sunder?

    And are there consequences to killing Vivec and using his soul if I were to get Azura's Star?

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    if you playing on a pc, you can start by clicking on the button below Esc, then you type:
    player->setstrength 500 ----->( this will set your carry ability to 2500)
    player->additem misc_azura_solugem 1 ---->( this will give you one azura soulgem)

    then find a item tha has a LARGE enchant value and enchant away...

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