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Thread: Temple Quest Question

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    Temple Quest Question

    I'm doing the Temple Quest to find the "Hair Shirt of St. Arador" in Kogoruhn (assigned by the Ghostgate Temple). Some Ordinator, Feril Salmyn, decided to go for a walk and got his butt whooped by some 6th House lackeys, and I'm supposed to find his body and recover the Hair Shirt.

    I looked up where his body is, and the answer on many sites keeps appearing as "right near the main entrance to Kogoruhn (Hall of Phisto)."

    Well, I've looked around outside and inside the entrance. I can't see or smell a body.

    I decided a little adventuring wouldn't hurt. I searched the whole place, slit every monster's throat, scored some cool Daedric gauntlets, and even found another exit that placed me in the Red Mountain region. Not too friendly of a neighborhood, if you ask me.

    Anyway, still no body.

    Where is he? Thanks.

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    There's some confusion about which Hall he's lying near. The UESP says he's just south of the entrance to the Hall of Phisto, while Desslock's Guide to Morrowind puts his just south of the entrace to the Hall of the Watchful Touch. In any event, he's south of the entrance, and he's lying outside, still wearing the Hair Shirt of St. Arlor.

    If you still can't find the body, try giving yourself the Hair Shirt with the console. Open the console and type:

    player->AddItem "expensive_shirt_hair" 1

    Then try going back to the quest giver at Ghostgate and see if the quest is marked as complete.

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    Isn't he right by the southernmost point of the largest of the halls, near a rat or two?

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    Very, very possible.
    Upon thinking more about it, I'm not sure that he's outside at all. I may be mixing it up with another quest.

    Hey, maybe the memory isn't the first thing to go.

    I AM WINS!!1!
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    No, he's definitely outside, on the top level of the structure. He's lying near one of the corners, a corpse wearing Ordinator armor.

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    If I remember corectly he's on the side of one of the buildings, and because of a pile of ash/dirt you can't see him from the courtyard (which I think is why he's so hard to find).

    It's really a nasty quest of sorts (unless you're really up there in skills), most people head for the inside, and it's rather nasty in there. I found it quite by accident by trying to levitate to the top of the main building, just happened to spot the poor fella.


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    Thanks for the help

    Hey, thanks for the help. I found him.

    I learned something from this experience:
    Don't go looking for stuff at night in blight storm. It's really hard to see stuff, even if it's two inches in from of your nose.


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