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Thread: Dagoth Ur..finally

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    Dagoth Ur..finally

    Definitely a spoiler..

    I've done everything there is to BE the Nerevarine. I have also killed the 2 Dagoth's that had Sunder and Keening. I also have Wraithguard. Now I'm right by Dagoth Ur, outside the ruins. Im trying to get inside his lair, but there looks to be no door that I can open. Wtf? I checked on my map, and I see the door leading inside, but from the outside, it just looks like a sphere and nothing more. Is there some sort of switch or button there needs to be pressed or what? Help plz.

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    Remember the search for the puzzle box? Remember how you had to find something to help with the door?

    The door to Dagoth Ur is opened with a crank, which is about 20 feet to the left of the door as you're facing it.

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