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Thread: T2 FM: So Long Hammers (Aug. 9, 2004)

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    RofB, I know you directed your comments at Esme but perhaps she won't mind if I join in as well. I think you are being too hard on yourself. This was a very enjoyable mission and I had a great time playing it. Yes, there were a few things that could have been better and a bug or two to tweak but that could be said of many FMs. All in all you did a great job. It is a fun mission with some very interesting parts. It kept me deeply engaged the entire time I was playing it. I, for one, would be extremely happy to see another FM from you in the future (near future would be nice too ).

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    nothing in the cistern

    Can someone please help
    I am inside the cistern (open with cistern key)
    gone down the ladder pick up 2 water arrows. and its a dead end !
    am I missing something ? (is there a level somewhere?)

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    Nevermind found it :-)

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    Replaying this mission on "Expert" mode, i need only to find 1800 oot, i have 1712 loot and im tired of looking for loot in every cornener, do you know any well hidden loot on this map?

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    Lootlist here.

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    Hey, I'm currently re-playing this mission as well. Good choice, cardia

    "A 'Small' mission while waiting for the bigger ones", "Build Time: Approx. 3 weeks" .. these aren't mentiones in the readme that will instantly make the player anxious to try out this FM by Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick. But the description, and the authors previous work (The Curse, Transitions in Chaos) will convince most players. With good reason, as this is a beautifully made and engrossing piece of work .

    I really admire the design of Lord Siniori's Manor. The excellent choice of window and stone textures, the interior design (with tapestries and various paintings of famous artists on the walls), very classy and it all looks gorgeous. I also enjoyed exploring the place and locating all the tiny hidden switches (like the one in the library that opens a shortcut to the security room). As with the secrets, the loot isn't up for grabs either. Watch out for small pieces of loot. Challenging is the exercise of remaining undetected. There are marble, tile and gravel surfaces present that hinder the pace of exploration, especially notable on the ground floor where guards can hear your every move. Shooting moss arrows at strategic places, bunny-hopping between carpets and dousing torches helps a lot. And at times the noisemaker arrow came in handy when a guard, alerted and heading towards my position, was lured to another side of a room . Most part of the missions seems ghostable (although I had to make three knockouts) but make sure to save enough moss arrows to do so. You need one, for example, to use on the vault floor.

    So Long Hammers wouldn't do justice to it's name if it was merely the mansion to explore (no Hammers here) so there's a second part of the mission that leads the player to the church were your main targets are located: a book called "The Builder's Last Notes" and a precious gem called "The Stone of Lazanar". An Hammerite priest contacted Garrett to reclaim the book, and since the church was closed by magical means, the only way into the church would be finding a secret entrance through the Lord's mansion and basement. Since Garrett is free to keep everything else he can find, he had no problem accepting this assignment. During the mansion exploration, we read the cistern was locked and the key hidden, as previously an expedition of three ex-Truart cops send through went wrong. Only one survived and the passage was sealed to keep the demons from entering the mansion. I had some trouble finding the cistern key myself. Having initially overlooked it in, I went to look in every nook and cranny of the mansion, until heading back and discovered the key lying on a bookshelf in the secret room adjoining Lord Siniori's bedroom. It took me an hour extra, but I did found some extra loot and secrets as a result.

    Once the player enters the second part of the mission, through a cistern, underwater tunnel, through a cave, catacombs and into a small church and chapel, we witness the dark and haunting part of this FM . The transition between the two 'worlds', a charming, organized mansion on one hand and the dark, abandoned, creepy environments on the other, is striking and very well done. The (dead) hammer element is very strongly present, with haunts, ghosts (casting small hammer objects), and rotten zombies wandering around the catacombs and halls of this forgotten place, and combined while the sceneries of the bridge and chapels delivers an excellent atmosphere. Interwoven in this underground setting is the adventure and fate of the three hired explorers, of which we read in some scattered writings how they blew up the bridge to escape the undead or how another [/spoil]crawled into a hiding place where he found his grave[/spoil]. A clash between two worlds that ended dramatically. Once we get closer near the Church of St-Lazanar, we notice how some hammers closed there church by magical means, condemning themselves to protect their treasure beyond death. And at the end, once you've nicked the priceless Gem off the altar and open the gate to leave the scene, the player hears Garrett's dramatic voice saying "So Long Hammers", leaving them behind to haunt their church for eternity . A strong and dramatic end that stuck in my head from the first time I played this mission and even made me feel a bit sorrowful.

    It's almost unimaginable that Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick build this mission in 3 weeks. The design looks lovely, with striking attention to texturing, all the secrets and scattered loot really make the exploration worthwhile and the hauting hammerite element in the catacombs, with all the fearsome enemies, tombs and artifacts, brought me, playing as stealthy as possible, an immersive mansion-exploration and undead experience. Definitely recommended . Too bad the author retired after releasing the just as spectacular Transitions in Chaos, as his attention to detail and ability to create the right ambiance will be missed.

    Difficulty: Expert (3 KO's)
    Time: 3 hours 40 minutes 36 seconds
    Loot: 1942 / 2112
    Secrets: 5 out of 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    Lootlist here.
    Thanks Nickie , that was helpfull, i should have known that.

    Hi Phantom, maybe we are replaying the high-quality missions in alphabet order, thats why the coincidence i suppose , this must be one of the first projects of Ramirez old-fat burrick, i do miss when he used to be an active author, but since he got children of his own he became very busy with real life, well at least he raised a family of his own while im still wandering this world alone and confused.

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    Well, I'm randomly replaying some of the older FMs from the 2004 period that always appealed to me, and So Long Hammers is one of them

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    German Version of SLH

    For all those taffers who are not registered on :

    I've made an update with a german translation which is available on

    Can also be used to update the ZIP archives on etc. since it still includes all former english and french files.
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Edit: Nothing to see here, no extremely stupid questions were asked at all.
    Edit2: Here's the video walkthrough I was working on:

    Use the timestamps in the youtube video description to jump to the part you're stuck on.

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    playing this on normal level.....
    got just about everything... save for the stone/gem...
    found the chapel, and tried the fire arrow trick.. but that didnt work.... is there another way in or a key I missed???

    edit: never mind.... noticed a door I overlooked
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