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    Games: Game Science


    "Welcome to the first issue of the first academic, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to computer game studies. This is a noteworthy occasion, and perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that such a journal has not been started before. As we know, there have been computer games for almost as long as there have been computers: SpaceWar, arguably the first modern game, turns forty this year, and
    commercially the genre has existed for three decades. So why not
    something like this before?"


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    Oooh, looks interesting. Kev Smith will be pissed of that someone's beaten him to it though.
    Shall have to have a good browse when time allows.
    The Narcissus Entity

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    One thing I think is constantly overlooked in narrative-game-theories is the root of many modern computer games in Pen and Paper Roleplaying.
    For example in Henry Jenkins Essay "Complete Freedom of Movement" ( one of the few things I have read and not only read about) he builds a very interessting theoretical framework, for computer games, completely ignoring P&P, but if you read the article you will see that the framework is perfectly suited for P&P.

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