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Thread: umm how do i drop stuff?

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    umm how do i drop stuff?

    though by asking this i may sound noobish, but anyway, how exactly do i drop stuff?

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    Not only does it sound noobish, but it is.

    Simply hold the shift key and left click on the object you wish to drop, magical isn't it?

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    Funny- I never knew that. If you hold down your left mouse button for more than a second or two, it'll drop it as well.

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    thats what i thought

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    Faster with the shift key.....
    I think not therefore you aren't.

    Take that, Descartes.

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    If you only could have dropped useless spells like that as well....

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    if you go here if you go here then you can use the console to drop spells

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    I'm still pretty mad about that. Didn't Bethesda do something to let you delete spells or something?

  9. #9 has a mod called "delete spells" it enables you to delete spell!! never would have guessed, you can do it from your inventory screen.

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    Here's another one that also gives you additional hotkeys.

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    Damn work internet dodgy screening of websites I can't get to planet eldar scrolls, not cool I can access all other oblivion sites but that one. ARGH!!! why do they bother?

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    I can only play Oblivion at Cybergames, but remember having that probolem.

    And that's why I'm getting the XBox 360 version...I've gotten used to pressing X and dropping stuff

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    Rather fun is when you pick up something small like a potion and thus become overencumbered and can't move at all.

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    "oh my god its so hard to move, ive got to drop this... paintbrush so i can jump 15 feet in the air again"

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    The shift+click on the item method always bothered me. I find holding down the left mouse button on an item is much better, because it lets you choose where the item is dropped/tossed rather than just dumping it at your feet.

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    Really? I'm only comfortable shift clicking now........ It just felt natural or something I guess....

    Edit: Why the hell do we still even continue to post in this thread?!

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    no shrug shoulder smiley.

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