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Thread: Blog: ShockCfg3 or german grammar in english!

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    Blog: ShockCfg3 or german grammar in english!

    This is a thread about ShockCfg and I will post here the results of my work, that is why it is call a blog. The tool consists of three surfaces and the first(xerxes) is now completely working. I am now working on the surface Rickenbacker, that is a drawn one, the same tool and not working yet. The surface Citadell is a console, but only a working demo for now.

    It is tool to configure and cheat System Shock 2 for now. What you can configure says the tool by itself, the help in it and it follows the file readmep.wri from the game.

    In detail:
    * use Joystick
    * use Roger Wilco
    * correct errors with Intel Graphic Chips
    * choose text language
    * make save games nameable
    * choose between hardware and software mode
    * turn blood on and off
    * select resolution

    * set monster respawn
    * select weapon degradation
    * set godmode

    * configure the keys

    You can get it from:

    Installation instructions for end users:

    1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment from "".
    2. Extract the archive file to the desktop or other suitable location.
    3. Run ShockCfg with Xerxes.bat, Citadell.bat or Rickenbacker.bat in the bin-Directory.
    Or type "java ShockCfg " with one of the parameters xerxes, citadell or rickenbacker.

    If you wish to contribute remember that I prefer concise program code. If you wish to help, post to this thread then we will see how you can help. There are open translations and features where you could contribute.

    Things for that your help is really appreciated are:

    - Localization and internationalization(Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese).
    - HUD-Colours from cfg-Files understanding and adding...
    - Dromed-cfg's understanding and adding.

    I can't translate to this languages and for the other two points, I also don't have the required knowledge.

    Please also post to this thread, if you use ShockCfg. Feedback is greatly appreciated! If you don't understand, what I am writing, than send me a message with the sentence you don't understand and your questions! ;D
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    But it needs Java, is less evil than .NET (hackers paradise) but come on, is easy to build a lonely .exe without external dependencies.

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    yes it needs java, because I love this language and want to learn something about it. If I would put some compiled exe on my page, some hackers could hack it! I think only the source code is the best solution. but I don't want discuss about hackers, I'm not interested in that. give me two weeks, and I will come back with a lot questions.

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    Hackers drank all my milk!

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    They probably hacked your cow file.

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    My homepage is now available in english. If you find errors please correct me.

    The first question is, if I can use a semicolon instead of disable as word? for example, joystick is set with "joystick_disable". can ";joystick_enable" do the same?

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    I have uploaded a new Version with the switches which not work disabled. And it has english textes set. make sure to backup the files:
    and please report bugs here.
    thx nix

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    Do you have my stappler?

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    any other translation than english or german is welcome!
    to translate go to the resources directory and rename to for example than translate the right side. by the way, what languages was system shock 2 translated to?

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    Officially: German
    Fan Based: Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese

    If there are others, I am not aware of them

    From What I know only German, English, and Russian are the only ones to translate the videos with effective shodan/many like audio effects the rest are text based only

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    RootbeerTapper Officially: German
    Fan Based: Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese
    I added this to the todo.txt

    got the english translation from a friend 3 weeks ago, but I noticed some bugs through the saving of the configfiles. after I managed this I will release the first english/germen final. because the guys at the sun forums are a great help I'm confident to finish the work soon.

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    English Workin Demo

    @Kolya and the other 2: sorry I dont understand this wit, because of my bad english!

    well, 4 weeks inet without the german page and psychosis! this is

    what is about my code? the guys at sun helped my and now there is a bug in the runtime change of language. hope someone can help me here at sun. at least I'm proud to anounce the first english version! your critism is welcome!
    notice this is a buggy working demo, you shouldend youse, but you must use to tell me if the cfg files(workin) are saved right!


    thanks in advance!

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    Great I have removed the BETA status and uploaded 3.01.04. I had to disable the language selection, but the right language is loaded at startup.

    nice that the english is ok! thanks go to my anonymous friend!

    also nice that the surface is now complete green and black! thanks go to Michael Dunn!

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    hm no replay, so I think no cfg files got be shocked
    here is a list what switches shockcfg supports until now:

    - Joystick
    - Roger Wilco starting with SS2
    - Textlanguage of SS2
    - Savegames nameable
    - Hard-/Softwaremode
    - Correct Intel Chips see the technical FAQ in this forum
    - Blood
    - no Respawming
    - Godmode

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    Could you please post a compiled version?

    You'd probably get more feedback that way, not everyone (i.e. the majority of people) has a Java IDE installed.

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    okay I have uploaded it!

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    So I run xerxes.bat, it asks for location of the SS2's directory. As soon I select the directory I get this exception throw. Then shockcfg.cfg is generated in your program's directory.

    SS2 doesn't use any file called user.cfg.

    The citadell command prompt loads, but it doesn't let me input any text at all.

    Rickenbacker.bat doesn't load at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post
    SS2 doesn't use any file called user.cfg.
    O RLY? From the SS2 FAQ at the top, Intel trouble section:

    Create a file called user.cfg in your System
    Shock 2 folder, or if the file is already
    present, open it for editing.
    Oh yeah. It doesn't use any file called user.cfg. Not at all. What were they thinking?

    Not in the LEAST.

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    The operative term being create.
    SS2 doesn't use any file called user.cfg by default.

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    This was not specified, sir. He said it simply does not use any file by that name. No statement to the effect of "it doesn't use it under most conditions."

    That and I'm feeling antagonistic. Someone stole my damn ice cream.

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    That ShockCfg prints out the message about the user.cfg has nothing to say. It creats the file the first time you save.
    But the Exception is because there is something wrong with your Install.cfg. This can have two reasons: first you don't have an english or german version installed. or second your file doesn't have the 1A Symbol at the end, that I think is the reason. when I developed it I did it with an english installation, and for me the symbol was there.
    okay you have to open the file with an hexeditor and add at the end the hex value 1A. did you understand what I want to tell you?

    For the console it is to say, that there is nothing more than this welcome message and the promt. the developenemt of it had to wait until I did the gui version.

    for the 2D view is to say, that I think there is a bug in the bat file. try to start it with java ShockCfg rickenbacker, not only rb. but the only thing you will get is a moving box, because for that the developenemt also had to wait!


    the switches in the user.cfg are explained in the readmep.wri of the multiplayerpatch, but ShockCfg will do the switches for you.
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    can anyone confirm please, that the hexadecimal value 1A is there?
    thx nix

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    if I open the install.cfg in wordpad, I see at the end a little box in an extra line. on linux sometimes I have seen this box as a 'bigger equal'. maybe shock changes the value the symbol has! please have a look at the install.cfg and post the symbol as code. in the meanwhile I will install shock to see!

    thx many

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    as far I get no more help anywhere and only get hacked this is suppended!

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    Can anyone actually understand a word he says?

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