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Thread: The Seven Sisters Dec.23/07 by Lady Rowena-UPDATED TO VERSION 2

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    By the way I managed to find all the secrets now. Heres a list of all 5 for anyone who wants it:

    -Next to the Burrick pub, there is a door you can open and climb up a ladder. Within that building there is a torch or some object you can pull and it opens a passage to a white walled apartment with some creepy little girl voices (Lady R is this a recurring theme for your missions?
    Actually I dont think that counts as a real secret, because including it there would be 6.
    -When you get to Stonegate bridge, jump into the water and swim towards the mechanist complex (the large metal building with a moat going all the way around it). Before you reach it you will pass under a large stone archway. If you look carefully, there is a ladder on the wall on the right side of the arch, its kind of hard to climb onto from the water but its possible. On top of the archway is a box with a gold wine bottle.
    -In the crypt on the lowest level there is a cross on top of one of the stone coffins, you have to go right up to it for it to highlight, it opens a passage to its left.
    -Above the crypt in the hammerite living quarters, in the library there is a fireplace with no fire (which has a ladder descending inside it). Before you go down, look on the right of the fireplace for a small switch, it opens a wall with a stack of gold inside.
    -At the West Gate wharf (I think thats what its called), there is a sewer entrance which has an infected citizen inside next to a fire. Go past the fire, there is a grate which opens by the end wall. Alternately, you can open a grate on the ground on the street above which leads to the same place. Its right next to the archway you entered through to that section of the city. Inside the room are a few gold coins on the ground.
    -The last secret you can see, as someone said before, from the Burrick pub. look out to the water, to the left. You will see an open window. Shoot a rope arrow with good aim to the wood part of the wall and then swim to it, climb up, jump in the window. You are in the clockmaker's shop.

    In the end I have 110 gold short of 2999 total. I wonder where it could be, I searched very thoroughly and took 4 hours 30 mins to beat the mission. Lady Rowena is a masterful thief and hides things well ;p
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    Peter Smith, ffox and I compiled loot lists during testing. They haven't been posted anywhere yet that I know of but if you want them, just email me.

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    The lootlists should be available at Thief:The Circle soon. They also list the Secrets, the Pickpockets, and The Plagued.

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    Just finished the last night of this FM after a total of 11 hours and a half, missing most of the secrets and Ko-ing nearly everyone i could , just to see if i could and saving hundred of times .
    stragely the most difficult part in my ko-ing everyone goal was actually the very beginning of the 1st night, it seems the AI are all at maximum awareness on that starting area, even on easy, they do not forgive a single noise or even a simple quick leaning at half shadow.
    Later the AI were more reasonnably dispatchable at least on easy, or maybe i was more used to them and adapted my moves and my blackjack to that "uber earing/awareness" ?

    I have been so interested by this FM that i will replay it in a more stealthy style now, trying to ghost things without knocking out anyone and trying to find more secret this time without saving that much.
    And probably upping the difficulty a bit more.

    I can only say great things about this awesome fan mission, thank you Lady Rowena for this incredible release, i enjoyed it a very lot and plan to replay it again and again.
    You created such a superb story , both atmospheric and immersive, that i can only salute this pure genius.

    the only weak point of it in my opinion is the black sister, after all that creepy sounding ambiance in the cavern making a very nice oppressive atmosphere in which you find "the black sister is here" notes from a dead guy, i was beginning to worry about her and was looking everywhere around me in case she was just looking on my shoulder .
    But when i found here patrolling around the statue i found it a bit anticlimatic. The strange ghostly women you meet earlier with their veil on the head that made the chain noises , emiting a faint light around them would have fit better the role in my opinon, they actually scared me when i saw them and heard those sounds around me and the awesome ambiant sounds around!
    But the way to get rid of her is actually very creative, i remember thinking "wow, that is a clever design there" when i triggered her demise.

    Fantastic work

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    I have posted this before, but I made lists for all 3 missions including loot, equipment, secrets and zombies. They can be found here (click on FMs). My site also has lists for other missions and Ghost reports for FMs, TG & T2X.

    Perhaps someone should make a sticky with a list of sites with loot lists & walkthroughs of FMs. Perhaps an addition to the FAQ. has links for most but it's not updated anymore. Seven Sisters isn't there at least.

    Just a thought...
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    And here are the links for The Circle:

    Night 1

    Night 2

    Night 3

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    Klatremus Thanks for the link, very nice site, I was looking for walkthru to T2x.
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    Thanks Simplex! They are not exactly walkthroughs, but can function as that I guess. The reports cover the tougher areas for Ghosting, and used together with the loot lists they will most definitely help.

    Hope you liked The Seven Sisters, one of my favorites.
    Klatremus' Supreme Thief Site - Walkthroughs, Loot Lists & Ghost Reports
    Let's Supreme Ghost Thief - YouTube Channel with Thief Let's Plays

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    Actually the Seven Sisters was the first fan mission I ever played I think it is fantastic. I will check out all FMs that you ghosted and listed on the site, because I suspect they are also good

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    I'm stuck very early on. I'm in front of the Police Station and I can't proceed. Do I need any key or the 2nd lockpick or is it something else?

    P.S. Yea, it's a shame I never seriously played the Seven Sisters before, after it was released back in December. Every "patriotic" Thief fun should. OK, I make up for ir now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jericho View Post
    I'm stuck very early on. I'm in front of the Police Station and I can't proceed. Do I need any key or the 2nd lockpick or is it something else?

    P.S. Yea, it's a shame I never seriously played the Seven Sisters before, after it was released back in December. Every "patriotic" Thief fun should. OK, I make up for ir now.

    Take a real good look at the police station. Use your telescopic eye. Check your inventory. You should have the tool that will assist you at this point.

    Here is a more direct answer if you can't figure it out: You should have found and used a rope arrow. Rope arrows are retrieveable. You need that arrow at this point.

    It should have keyed you to enter the mayors house, led you to the blacksmith for weapons, and gotten you into the street from the blacksmith.

    The upper part of the police station is WOOD. The gangway at the top with the guard has a WOOD rail. Use the arrow and pass through the police station to continue your play.

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    Awesome campaign, decent main plot and interesting subplots, detailed architecture and a map to boot.

    Night One had a background music that really set up the atmosphere. It was pretty creepy to walk the plague ridden streets at first. On Night Two, it was actually fun to visit the same locales again and the town felt refreshingly new. The final solution how to take care of the last sister was clever too. I guess it would have felt a bit anticlimatic to whack her down with a blackjack just like that.

    The only gripe I was left with after finishing the campaign, was the hot sword on the blacksmith's stove on Night One. I got myself killed a few times there while trying to douse it with water arrows, before I realized there was another sword upstairs. It would have been sort of cool to douse the flames and grab the sword right off there.

    But that didn't stop me from enjoying the mission or the rest of the campaign. Good job to the author.

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    What an awesome mission! Thief game play at it's best.
    It's a remarkable achievement to come up with such a mission. Thank you Lady Rowena for giving me these hours of great fun. You are a master of creating city missions. Setting the standard for the rest of us. I've been working on my first mission for half a year and I realise I will not be able to reach this standard. Maybe in my second mission, if I dare to do another one.

    I'm only done with Night one so far and I'm looking forward to the rest.

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    Just finished this fantastic mission! Rowena, I think you've raised the bar to an inaccessible height for others to reach with this FM. I'm curious: I couldn't help but notice that the black diamonds resemble the black heart - does this suggest the story isn't over? Or am I reaching?

    Minor gripe: You always seem to make the Pagans the ultimate bad guys in your FMs. I like Pagans *sniff*.

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    I finally played Seven Sisters over the past week, and I'm stunned. Night Three in particular is one of the most beautiful things I've ever played (in any game), and featured not one but at least 10 of the very best ambient loops I've heard in any Thief mission. The atmosphere was perfect throughout. I hope we see more from you soon, Lady Rowena!

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    old thief fan, but new forum member

    What would i say is...THIS IS A GREAT MISSION! This thing is PERFECT! AMAZING! ASTONISHING! It blackjacked me and make me absent in my house for few evenings! Don't dare to say: one of my favourites! Great story, immersion.Pure fun
    (It's a shame but I haven't played Your previous FM yet
    ("Rowena's Curse"). But it won't took me long, promise)

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    Just finished Night 3. Had to add my praise.

    An excellent mission pack Lady Rowena. The city was very detailed, and felt fairly real. Cursed a few times trying to get into the police station on Night 1 though, lol. Loved the feel of everyone going about their lives during the crisis.

    On night 2, I don't understand what everyone was saying about the chimney in the inn. I saw the door behind it that you couldn't open and assumed it was a door to stairs that came out behind the guard in front of the other unopenable door upstairs. Made architectural sense to me. Have to say I was a bit saddened by the story of Ophelia, and her mother. Especially that I could hear the kitty meowing, and opened up the hidden door, just in time for it to be dead. Although I understand why, with the lack of Dromed quadrupeds and all. Got to save Pinky though.

    Really, really enjoyed the first half of night 3! Between the mill, and the tree village, I felt a very outdoorsy atmosphere. Almost got stuck where Fidcal did, but I looked up that in the thread. No fault of yours, just that air elementals aren't common to the OMs, so the logic takes some people a few. BTW, the elemental sections were great! Loved the new AI. The end (shudder). Ugh I hate spiders, lol. The atmosphere was great though.

    All in all a great mission set. The architecture, textures and ambient music/sounds were all fantastic, and the story kept me playing for 5 nights in a row. Thank you for this mission pack.

    Also, rather than commit major thread necromancy, let me compliment you on Rowena's curse here too while I'm at it. That kept me up hours past my bedtime. I'd like to say it was one of the best missions I've played. Backing away from demons, and zombies in the lower levels of the end, while hacking at them was a wonderfully nightmarish scene worthy of a horror movie. I won't go on, and on, but thank you for Rowena's curse as well. (Have to add - one of the best boss endings ever!)
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    Stuck in Night 3

    Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me Im in the same situation as Verak in Januari (page 23) - I have no clue how to leave the place to be able to destroy the two remaining hearts before proceeding through the locked door at the end. Contrary to Verak I need some clear explanation, someone mentioned he had all he needed, but could someone please tell me exactly what I need to do? Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum, pleger! You DO have what you need.
    Hint: What destroys evil? Check your inventory.

    Spoiler: You have a holy seed in your inventory that you picked up in Mission 2. Drop it to the ground and then drop the hearts on to it to destroy them.

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    Thanks Nightwalker I tried about everything except just that. Great forum, and a fantastic FM.

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    Night One:

    I am in the crypt. Lost of haunts here! Is there a way to destroy them? I am not much of a ghoster.

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    Yes: Haunts, spectres and undead can be killed by Holy water arrows, Flashbombs and in the case of Spectres, by sneaking up behind and giving them a full OVERHEAD swing with a sword.

    If they don't go down, move in close and keep swinging at the chest or hips. A good overhead, in most cases, will do them in immediately. But multiple hits to the body will also. But you need to keep them off balance so they don't get you.

    Flashbombs and Holy water make too much noise for your use at the moment.

    If you use the shadows, and TIME the patrol routes, you can sneak through the crypt, but it takes patience.

    In the area where you first arrive, you have two spectres to deal with. One walks right up to the hole, then goes back around the corner at the far end to the left.

    The other comes up from the left turns and goes down the center passage, turns comes back the then turns right and goes out the end passage again.

    Watch them and time the patrol. You need to duck into the center passage behind the one, and kill it before the second one comes back.

    Then you need to wait for the other to pass you to the area by the hole, and then nail him.

    Get right close behind with a full overhead swing, and then keep beating on them 'til they go up in a cloud of smoke.

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    theBlackman, I have the bad feeling that he missed the sword.....

    Bukary, in this case yes, you have to ghost, unless you have a save before you dropped down in the flooded crypt.

    If you have a save, return to the beginning, in the alley where you found the 1st rope arrow. (corner between the market and the dairy) Shoot an arrow at the wooden square near the arch above and enter Judge Fowley house. From there you'll reach the sewers where the backdoor of Conor the weaponsmith is. Don't kill him!

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    I just started playing this (taking a time out from beta testing a few things), and having only done Prelude and misison 1 so far... WOW. This is some high-quality stuff! I do have qualms though...

    First the objectives...
    The objectives needlessly gave away the plot. "Cure Geniveive/other towns people." It would have been nice if this were a HIDDEN objective that only comes to light once you realize the plague CAN be cured.

    Also, with Basso, you're not given any indication to go after him unless you happen to stumble into the mechanist tower. Yes, the clues do point to him being there, and i do feel somewhat empowered "unlocking" the objective by going after him myself without prompting... but seeing as you're forced to go there to further the plot ANYWAY (Can't access the first Sister until you enter the Mechanist fort)... well, maybe it should have been an objective from the start?


    Now, this is my own fault, but, when i broke into the iron worker's shop and smacked him upside the head, i saw that he had been crafting a sword. "Awesome!" I go to grab it... "OUCH! Ok, it's hot. Oh look, a sink full of water! Maybe if I put the sword in there, it'll cool off and not damage me anymore!"

    Took me 15 minutes and 2 reloads to figure out that I was thinking too far ahead and that I should leave the sword alone and just look up stairs. Not my greatest moment.

    Incidentally, I also only found the weapon shop at the END of the mission. =(

    Powerup placement is generous for some things (water arrows) and fiendish for others (holy water). I found -just enough- Holy H2O to cure Gen and 2 people, but that was it. When i looked through the thread and saw some people had found 7?! I was all like o_O which leads me to...

    The map

    First, the whole town is gorgeous! Zombification curse notwithstanding, it looks like a decent enough place to live... except..

    It's confusing as fark >_< On one hand, it was very rewarding when I managed to find my way to where i wanted to go... On the other hand? When one has to go from Point A to B back to A then back to B, it'd be nice if the town layout wasn't so confusing and obstructed as to make someone get lost on every single trip!

    Sorry if that sounds a bit cranky, but I seriously felt like I wasted an entire hour (out of 3 or 4) just being lost and not knowing how to get from A to B. I don't know if this is brilliant game design or bad game design. I mean, I'm glad I KO'd every single guard instead of trying to clean ghost the mission, but there comes a point when clever design is just lost on some people and it goes from pleasurable to asinine trying to get through the level.

    One thing that sticks out: In the church. I kept trying to rope arrow up the bell tower, because I didn't SEE any other wood surfaces. Those three beams that go across the top in the main room? Those looked like metal so I never bothered trying to rope arrow up onto them. I spent a good hour trying to get up into that bell tower, not knowing what the way you had in mind was. In this case, there was only one way to do anything, limiting a player's options, and pretty much nullifying what those options were when one wood texture looks like metal, and the other wood surfaces are almost impossible to get a solid rope arrow shot into.

    For those keeping score at home, that's 2 hours i spent -not- playing the mission, just getting frustrated at one thing or another and not being able to proceed.

    So, I'm sorry, but as beautiful the architecture is, and as fun as the actual gameplay elements are, and as rich as the plot is turning out so far (I have a baaaad feeling that I'm going to be running into one evil little 7 year old...), when someone spends HALF their time unable to proceed? That's a critical design flaw. One that could have been circumvented with less gates in the city, more ladders in the canals, and a different texture on the beams in the church. That's it. And ok, maybe a more direct route to and from places, but that would involve an entirely new map and is outside the scope of "simple things that could have made Steele's life easier" =)

    Anyway, looking forward to parts 2 and 3, my gripes notwithstanding.

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    EmperorSteele, without addressing any individual plaint you listed:

    I had no trouble finding my way around the town and other environs. I also had no problem with the undead (having located lots of Holywater) and in general had none of your problems, nor do I really feel any empathy for your complaints.

    The mission(s) did require that I think out my actions before I started a particular "phase", and that I pay attention to the layout as I played, that I keep a sharp eye to every inch I saw or traversed, and that I remembered every note I read as I played.

    I found the mission immersing, tricky and loaded with surprises that intreiged and delighted me.

    In short, your comments are falling on deaf ears at this end.

    In fact, though I've not played the mission for months, and have played others since, I could probably talk you through the mission from memory, including where to use the shadows to your best advantage.

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