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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    I remember watching the video on MTV and being amazed at the 3D impression. That's how long ago that is. I never became a huge fan of Björk but at that time she was at her best.

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    Björk is awesome. Many people dislike the singing, which is all fair, but every single song of her's is pristine in the production department. The use of huge array of instruments and electronical effects make them all that more interesting.

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    Bjork is awesome. Very talented, very creative, I love her voice... all of her mystique puts her on my top 10 list of women in the world. Love Bjork.

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    I don't dislike the singing, I dislike the fact that the artsy presentation increasingly replaced listenable music.

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    A new Amon Tobin album (ISAM) is coming in May and apparently this track will be on it. Me likes.

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    Some classic hiphop. King Tee: Way out there

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    New Bibio has some dope tracks, although a few of them are also kinda forgettable sly future soul tracks?

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    only posting internet smashhit "Barbra Streisand" here because the thread would not be complete without it and maybe - MAYBE! - someone hadn't heard it yet. I dunno. whateves.

    edit: ok I admit it I'm six months late to the party, I HADNT HEARD IT! oooOOOoooOOOOOOOO BARBRA STREISAND HAHAHAwhatagreattrack
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    Quote Originally Posted by frozenman View Post
    New Bibio has some dope tracks, although a few of them are also kinda forgettable sly future soul tracks?
    loving the sampler, pretty excited for the album

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    Currently enjoying the new Cloud Cult album. I don't think it's quite as strong as some of their previous stuff, but it's still good listening.

    Unexplainable Stories

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    Never heard of these guys until recently, good stuff Ratatat - Neckbrace

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    Whenever someone recommends a Ratatat song I seek it out and listen to it straight away only to find that - sadly - I do not like it. Which is a real shame because I love "Wildcat" and I'm convinced that somewhere in Ratatat's discography there's bound to be another song which will rock my socks as much as that one did. Anyway if you've started listening to Ratatat you should probably go ahead and listen to some Fujiya & Miyagi as well. As a matter of fact you should place the song "Sucker Punch" right before "Wildcat" on your playlist. The F&M song "Collarbone" will also need to be on the same playlist, but further down, right after Ne-Yo's "So Sick". Trust me on this.

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    Hate to admit to listening to Justin Bieber, but El-P somehow made it listenable.

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    Gaba Kulka:

    London Calling (The Clash cover)

    Man Of Winter


    Got A Song


    Hat, Meet Rabbit


    And my favourite:

    Perhaps some of you will also find it enjoyable.
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    Spotify: "Amanda Palmer plays Radiohead" EP

    Youtube: Exit Music

    First track, "Fake Plastic Trees" is just Amanda singing and playing on, what I presume is, the same little toy guitar she's brandishing on the cover of this 7-track EP. It sounds simple and makes me think this is gonna be some self-indulgent bullshit that she just made for fun and put out digitally becasue it's cheap and easy to do. But by the time she's reached the first chorus I've got shivers running down my spine. So what if the only instrumentation is a toy guitar, her voice alone is great and she obviously feels this shit she's singing about. When the following few tracks introduce more instrumentation, in the form of pianos and violins, it almost feels over-produced by comaparison. This is a great little EP, especially if you, like me, love Amanda and know the Radiohead songs by heart but have never been quite able to connect with them emotionally.

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    Radiohead's The King of Limbs. Thom Yorke has become self-parodic. Thing have come full circle.

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    Been on a SERIOUS 80's kick this week.

    The Outfield: Your Love, Warrant: Cherry Pie, and tons of Tesla.

    Yeah, I know, I know...

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    That's cool Kolya, who is it?


    Patton Oswalts stand-up album "My Weakness Is Strong" got added to Spotify recently and I've given it a few spins over the past few days. You might think listening to a comedyalbum several times in a row would get old fast but this guy has such a way with words. It is the music of language, and just like you might wait for the good part of the song, I keep waiting for the part of the act where Patton pulls out a paricularly colorful bit of prose to describe a situation. Like on the track where he paints a picture of the atmosphere at an orgy he's unwittingly walked in on as a "fogbank of twatmist". Or when he describes an angry magician performing a terrible show as "he hatefucked the crowd with magic".

    Youtube clip from the same performance as the CD is recorded from

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    After looking randomly inside my memories, I came out with this old old old piece that was rotating inside an endless loop, who knows why, especially when petting my cat Grigio (gray) that rimes with this song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    That's cool Kolya, who is it?
    Erika M. Anderson, former Gowns.

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