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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    Heh heh. Time to take break and reorganize! The projects are beginning to blend into one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    SneakyJack, I don't know if you realize it but this is the second time you reviewed this mission in this thread! The third review is the same mission.

    (It's actually good news if you got confused: that means this thread already has so many reviews you don't notice if you review the same missions. Let's hope we get confused a lot; let's hope there will be many mor reviews.)
    I do realize this - the screens from the last one were so tiny and there was no format, so I decided to re-review it and I'll be editing out my previous review. I had to replay the mission to prepare it for Thief TIS anyway, I wanted to review its sequel and it gave me a good opportunity to plug TIS in this thread as well. No worries, There is a method to my madness... you just noticed before I could finish editing out the previous entry.

    @ jtr7 - I cross posted this mission on purpose. Don't worry, im not getting confused
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    Rest And Relaxation / The Skygem Connection By Dyald

    (I am reviewing these two as one being that "Rest And Relaxation" is a camvator story setup mission only)

    What is the story?: We continue where "Damsel In Distress" left off - Garrett has sent Basso and the girls to a safe place while he tries to sell the loot acquired in Von Blaques Mansion. His Fence bought everything except the Skygem. "I've heard of that stone" He says - "it is cursed and I will not have anything to do with it." You soon get a knock at your door..

    How does it play?:
    Seemingly learning from the first mission in the series, Dyald gives us a more focused mission this time around with better scale in the environments for the most part and even more varied gameplay. You'll come across a variety of different foes this time around just like "Damsel" - and this time you'll have a bit more challenge added into the mix.

    There are some interesting things introduced to us in this missions - from being inside the ever elusive Keeper compound to a side objective involving rescuing a little girl - there are some great ideas packed into this one. I particularly liked the use of a new faction comprised of Hammers and Mechanists that used a new color of uniform (Green, my favorite color) and some great new banners and such with a hammer-over-gear logo that I really liked. Thinking of the Hammers joining the Mechanists to form a super-faction (considering the mechanists splintered from the hammers in the first place) is a very interesting idea that will hopefully be used in a future mission or two. That would truly be a worthy foe for Garrett, that much is certain.

    This mission seemed to me like a vast improvement over "Damsel In Distress" and is a very worthy sequel. I had a great time seeing the inside of a Keeper compound and sneaking around the new Mechanist-Hammer faction.

    How does it look?:
    This mission looks very good. From the inside of the Keeper compound to the mysterious location of the new faction, everything looks well done. I particularly liked the new green colored uniforms (and paint for the bots) of the new faction, it really made them stand out and was pleasing to the eyes.

    How does it sound?: Some great voice acting by some folks from the community brings this one to a higher level sound-wise than the previous mission in the series. The voices of Garrett (Slyfoxx?) and the lead Keeper voice (Not sure who it was this time around) were particularly impressive and a joy to listen to. I also liked the conversation between the male and female keeper in the library area of the compound. The mission sounded good all around.

    So what is the verdict?: If you enjoyed the gameplay showcased in Damsel In Distress you'll enjoy this mission as well. I had alot of fun with it and Recommend it moreso than Damsel. Highly Recommended!

    Check this one out if you enjoy:
    Mechanist missions, Mansion missions, The Keeper faction, lost city style missions, adventure missions, non-human enemies.


    If a Keeper pays you a visit, you know they want something.

    Two Keepers thinking they are prepared for your arrival.

    Inside the Keeper compound.


    I really enjoyed the decor of the new combined faction.

    And their uniforms as well.

    Creepin' past a watcher.

    Looks like we've struck the motherload!

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    A-HAA! 'Twas not madness, but the first steps of a method!

    Carry on, then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7 View Post
    A-HAA! 'Twas not madness, but the first steps of a method!

    Carry on, then.

    I'll probably be re-reviewing a few other missions in the future that were from when I first started this thread - the screenshots have evolved alot since then (for the better.. considerably better in my opinion) and there was no real format to the earlier ones so hopefully it makes sense.

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    Speaking about screenshots...when will you post your screenshottutorial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Speaking about screenshots...when will you post your screenshottutorial?
    As soon as I find the time to make it - thats going to be alot of work and the 8 image in a post restriction is going to make it a pain since I want to use a visual aid for each step. I'll just write it all out and format it and post multiple posts in a row I guess.

    I'll have the extra time for that come the weekend so I'd expect it to be then.

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    Would going with two half-sized pics in one provide enough detail to effectively double the images to 16 for the tutorial?

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    How about putting the tutorial into a wiki instead of this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterShadow View Post
    How about putting the tutorial into a wiki instead of this thread?
    I was going to make a new thread that I'd probably request be stickied since it would be a good resource for the entire Fan Mission subforum to have.. It doesn't need to get more complicated that that really. If someone would want to edit a wiki later to have a link to the thread or something I'm fine with that, but I'd rather keep everything in one place - here on

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    Alright, back to the Anniversary Contest missions now - and if anyone is still fighting against using the TTLG Forums Dark Theme you really shouldn't if you enjoy looking at screenshots - it makes a huge difference, believe it or not.

    Falling Down By TF
    Released: 2008

    What is the story?: There isn't much of one here - You are in a strange place and need to find your way back to town by making your way through the caverns.

    How does it play?: For adventure mission fans you also enjoy a bit of puzzle thrown in, this one will be a real treat. There are some impressive effects on display here - something work really well (such as the exploding shrooms) and some that really work well at first but become bothersome the longer you play. (the excellent shaking effect of the small quakes)

    Exploration is key in this mission - and you'll be doing plenty of it despite the relatively small space allowed for the contest. You'll find swimming sections, a bit of puzzle work, some craymen sneakery (or combat if that is your flavor) and you'll even find yourself inside some rather surprising locations.

    The puzzles on display here were rather odd - and without looking up the help thread on this forum I would have never guessed to do what needed to be done to succeed.. I'm not really a big fan of puzzle objectives that are that random. I'm sure that brain teasers may be the cup-o-tea of many other folks though. I would have also liked a little more story thrown in with the rest of the mission and a little more purpose (you feel sort of empty after the very anticlimactic ending of the mission) to make the mission feel a little more worth my while playing - but for the small development time allowed and the type of mission it is - I'd say its a solid adventure mission indeed.

    How does it look?:
    The typical cavern look is on display here, though some interesting architecture with the rubble and cavern walls gives things a bit of a visual kick, its all pretty standard fare. When you do get into areas that are non-cavern areas they are very plain and undecorated - this again could have to do with the short time frame of the contest. Overall the mission looked good.

    How does it sound?:
    From the crackling sound of Craymen to the splash of the water in the caverns, everything sounded just fine. Bonus points for the rather funny drunken guard that tosses his bottles into the cavern.

    So what is the verdict?:
    If you are a fan of adventure style cavern missions this is the mission for you. If you are more of a Mansion/Bank/Castle style player I'd still give it a spin with an open mind, but it might not be your kind of mission.

    Check this one out if you enjoy:
    Non human enemies, cave missions, puzzles, adventure missions.


    The opening scene was a fun way to introduce the mission.

    Gotta love these guys.

    Until they get way too close..

    This fella has seen better days.

    I tried to get this guy to drown himself but it was not meant to be.

    Signs of human civilization!

    Well this is certainly different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack View Post
    ...and if anyone is still fighting against using the TTLG Forums Dark Theme you really shouldn't if you enjoy looking at screenshots...
    Dark Themes, plural, as of two days ago.

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    Flowers For A Friend By P Forth
    Released: 2008

    What is the story?: You've learned of the passing of a friend of yours who happened to also be a Keeper - time to visit his grave and pay your respects, its the least you could do. But something tells you that it won't be that simple..

    How does it play?: I really liked the setup to this mission - and though there isnt alot of story the basic premise of it is entertaining. You find out within the first few minutes that something strange is going on in this cemetery, and you venture below to take a look. I won't ruin what little plot you get in the mission - but it is interesting enough to keep you playing.

    The cave area was a bit confusing and more like work to me than anything else - it seemed like the author tried to add a ton of large boulders to make things confusing or to make the area seem larger than it was by herding you though some random boulder formations - but once you get past that area the gameplay itself is pretty strong.

    This time around you'll be dealing with thieves, and they are always a formidable foe. Some fairly simple patrol routes and well placed thieves guarding doors near light sources will give you a bit of challenge but won't be anything that will frustrate you. There are a couple nice little effects here and there (such as the thief carrying a long torch) but for the most part everything is simple and straight forward. A fun little mission that if expanded could have offered much more bang for the buck, so to speak.

    How does it look?:
    The cemetery looks pretty good (though a few higher quality textures would have made it look much better) and I really enjoyed the falling leaves effect. The thieves area looks pretty strong as well - though it could have also benefited from some grittier textures (or at least some higher resolution ones) due to the walls having a blurry muddy look. That said, this mission does look good.

    How does it sound?: I liked the idea of the thieves using the ghost noises to keep people from discovering their hideout - and everything in the mission sounded good with no noticeable blank spots.

    So what is the verdict?:
    If you enjoy classic gameplay style missions that are quick in-and-out adventures that won't take longer than a lunch break - this one will work well for you.

    Check this one out if you enjoy:
    Thieves, human enemies, hideout missions, supernatural storylines.


    Looks like I'm at the right place.

    Toss in a coin and make a wish..

    Hi friend, I brought flowers for you.


    Bet it all on black, of course.

    I might steal a quick nap.

    This guy was flustered and angry but still held tight to his torch. Dedication!

    Holy smokes!

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    The Homeless Dude By John The Beggar
    Released: 2008

    What is the story?: Like alot of things about this mission - the story sorta confused me. From what I got from it you are trying to steal the serpentile torc from a thief that resides in the town while collecting some other loot.

    How does it play?: I'm going to be blunt and honest here and say something that probably won't surprise anyone thats played this mission - it is a buggy mess. From odd design choices to objectives that won't tick off to many areas being left without any sounds at all - its hard for me to find many good things to recommend about this mission.

    From the very beginning area where you deal with a guard in full light (I wasn't able to get past him without being noticed and needed to KABONG!! my way through) to the frustration if finding bugs all over the place and objectives not wanting to complete when I've fulfilled them - there are just poor design choices and an obviously rushed release bogging this one down. This mission is the perfect example of one that needs much more time spent on it if anything just to correct the objective bugs and to finish actually applying sound to most of the missions areas.

    How does it look?: Overall the mission looks good. Textures are good and well done and though nothing will immediately jump out at you as far as looks the mission is solid.

    How does it sound?:
    I counted no less than five spots (doors, chests, water) that had no sound at all - and for such a small mission I really don't see how this even got through. With a build time listed as 1 week - I guess I'm not that surprised. If you are going to spend an entire week of your life building something you'll release to the public, why not at least make sure the sound is finished in a game based around sound?

    So what is the verdict?:
    I'm sure there is an audience out there for this mission - but until the sound and objective problems at least are fixed - I'm not a part of it.

    Check this one out if you enjoy: Human AI, city missions, unfinished missions.


    Better grab your bow - you are going to need it.

    Running the streets at night.

    I played through the beginning part of the mission 3 times to see what this guard would do - all three times he got stuck in this same spot.

    Underneath the weapon shop.

    Inside one of the few rooms in the mission.

    I enjoyed the lighting here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    Dark Themes, plural, as of two days ago.
    Not bad, I like it!

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    I love both the dark themes, but NV's is a little more suited to my tastes. Well done on both of them! I totally missed that they were available, guess I don't frequent the forum where this kind of stuff is announced.

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    They weren't announced.

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    NV's theme is very tasteful. I will keep the old one for tradition's sake, but I really really like the colour scheme. Thumbs up!

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    I can't find the key for the cellar door and enter the city,,,please help,,,???
    Last edited by Digital Nightfall; 14th Apr 2009 at 13:30. Reason: removed quote

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    Osman this isnt a hint or help thread as stated in the original post - please use the forums advanced search feature to find the original thread for the mission and you'll find your answer there.

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    osman, in the future, if the post you are quoting contains eight large images, do not quote the images. I removed the quote this time - next time I will just remove your post. (Like I did for your double post... likewise, that one's free, the next one will cost you.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack View Post
    please use the forums advanced search feature to find the original thread for the mission and you'll find your answer there.
    Maybe a link to each respective thread within the review post would be appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Maybe a link to each respective thread within the review post would be appropriate.
    With all the projects I've got going on at once should I really have to do search work for people too?

    I might as well throw direct links to every website that hosts missions for people to download them directly from the reviews as well.

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    I love this thread... watching all those screenshots and reading the reviews it makes me wanna play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sterlino View Post
    I love this thread... watching all those screenshots and reading the reviews it makes me wanna play.

    Glad you are enjoying it Sterlino, thank you for taking the time to post. I really enjoy your missions!

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