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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post

    (wait, I've only done five reviews since November? God I suck)
    You did another feature (I think it was the crazy FM's one) that got added to the main index long ago but it was posted sometime between within this last update of the index. I didn't put it in there because it had been added to the alphabetical index in your own section around when it was posted. So five reviews and and a few features

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMax View Post
    What about a "down with the mechanists" review?
    I haven't gotten to that one yet - but I'll give it a spin and let you know what I think and I'm sure a few others would be glad to post a review of it as well! Thanks for your request.

    Edit: I have no idea how this ended up a double post, I thought I hit edit post.

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    Just two notices to your review.
    1. Isn't North is supposed to be on the top of any map? I didn't even have a thought about that.
    2. I loved the idea to trap player between two doors (SneakyJack, sorry), but there is one logical obstacle. I can imagine how you PUSH the lever with the arrow (not too natural, but seems close to possibe), but how can you PULL it?
    Two-stated button can solve the problem, but I don't like the idea to open huge metal/wooden gate with tiny red button. It's not XX centure, after all.

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    1. Yes North at the top is standard but best to show it so there is no doubt or the (thinking) player will not (should not) assume that.

    2. Maybe an invisible solid enlarged button cd linked to a visible non-solid lever?

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    Just thought I'd mention that another one of my reviews is missing from the index - Now I can't remember if I posted this one or not. November 28th, The Hand of Glory

    Only 11 Thief reviews since November? (16 if I count non-thief stuff?) Gah, I should have done 50 by now... I suck.

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    Added that review to the index, thanks for the heads up! When you post your reviews its normally only a short sentence and a link so I knew I was bound to miss at least one of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zontik View Post
    2. I loved the idea to trap player between two doors (SneakyJack, sorry), but there is one logical obstacle. I can imagine how you PUSH the lever with the arrow (not too natural, but seems close to possibe), but how can you PULL it?
    With a rope arrow!
    I frob on the first date!

    My youtube channel. Songs and such.

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    Completely unrelated, but "I frob on the first date" has to be one of my favorite thief sigs of all time.

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    Since we're updating this thread, I remind you, SJ, we had a deal about you re-reviewing Heist Society, remember?

    You also remember what would happen if you wouldn't do it?

    *prepares trouts to slap SJ with*

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    I remember no deal - I remember you suggesting that I should.

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    *slaps SJ around a bit with a large trout*

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    Wait until after this weekend and then tell me if I deserve that.

    Edit: Comment made before some things came up. gonna have to put my features on the backburner unfortunately.
    Last edited by SneakyJack; 18th Apr 2010 at 22:12.

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    hmm... I skimmed over my funky thoughts review. Some keywords to give some meaning to the sentence are just gone without a trace, they only stayed in my mind at that moment... yeah, nice proofreading Thor. The thing about proofreading is... oh I have no excuse, I've just never gotten into it. In school I probably don't have time. If I do, I'll never do it properly. Other times I just write properly... well, cause I'm more in touch with my "audience" (aka who's reading the text) and reality.

    Anyway, hope I accidentally make another psychedelic toned overview of something great.

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    Another mission I had to review while fresh on my mind, and I not long PMed Fidcal my thoughts. Ah well, better now than later I guess. Still have a huge backlog of stuff, but I'm not going to force myself to get through it. Brings out the worst in me.

    The Night Watch by Fidcal

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    Great review quakis! I really enjoyed that the difficulty settings on The Night Watch actually made quite the difference on mission difficulty. Still quite a challenge, though.

    I think I'm finished for a while with contributions. Been having the old time crunch lately so I'll have to finish those projects hopefully sooner than later. I'll keep the index updated when I can, though.

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    That was probably my favorite review that I've read of yours' so far Quakis! Extra points for reviewing a mission I've somehow never heard of.

    I just downloaded Night Watch because of your review, it really kicks ass! How did this one pass by me without me noticing? I might end up writing about it myself.

    Oh and uh...since you just played it and all...where do I go at the start of mission 2? I'm in the room with the book on display but can't figure out the combination to the safe. Normally I'd just resurrect the mission's thread for something like this but I can't find the damn thing.

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    Dude, Clearing, you are a friggen' life saver (and Nightwalker also, being as she wrote the walkthrough).

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    (and Nightwalker also, being as she wrote the walkthrough).
    and Freddy Fox

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    SneakyJack, I wanted to give you big thanks and huge thumbs-up for reviewing the Dark Mod and its missions!

    I just got TDM to work last week - and your reviews helped getting into it that much more. Pointing out the pros and the cons of both TDM and its missions has been wonderful to read and helpful about choosing the right missions to start off with. Thus far I've played the Outpost and the Chalice of Kings and I'm in the middle of Patently Dangerous - and all have been pretty much as advertised by you. Every mission is getting better

    I was apprehensive about TDM at first - namely because of the demands on my computer -, but I'm getting into it now. Don't get me wrong, ATM I still prefer T2 FM's - but once TDM gets going in full force in a year or two, it will be really something, I think. So, thanks SJ - and everyone else who has been reviewing Thief FM's! Keep 'em coming!


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    Glad you are enjoying TDM Summer, it really is a great piece of work. Be sure to update it to version 1.01 if you have not already - that version fixes alot of the downsides that I listed in my review of it and adds some new NPCs and things that you'll need for a few of the newest missions. It really has come along way since that first review.

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    Mysterious Invitation by MH.TheFreak’s 2007 rework version

    The name of this FM sets the stage. Basically, you are invited to a huge mansion to see a man about a horse, so to speak, which in this case translates to illegally gained profit. Long story short – since I refuse to spoil it here for those who have yet to play it – soon into the mission you find yourself in a need-to-know-what-the-heck-is-going-on situation (a little tribute here to The Mike ) where everything has gone so horribly wrong.

    The mission takes place during a daytime setting which is always a challenge in itself – for example, the Ashen Age does an excellent job with that. Not that you’ll be spending much time outdoors… The mansion is big – not outer space big, but pretty big nonetheless. As you explore – with relatively sparse equipment and tools – you begin to tackle the mystery-part behind this mysterious invitation. Heavy guard patrols, locked doors and lots of lit-up hallways aside I really liked this mission. There is a lot going on plot-wise, but you don't necessarily get it from conversation or readables, but your own imagination tries to figure out what's written between the lines and hear things not spoken of. Ghosting will be a challenge on higher difficulties – you can bet on that – due to lack of tools-of-the-trade, lots of long well-lit hallways, some marble floor, quite a few guards thrown into the mix – and a couple of surprises of mythical proportions. It won't get overwhelming, but you probably won't go unnoticed, either.

    I’m not a very active screenshoter because I’ve always found that taking a screenshot during gameplay breaks the immersion, for me at least. It’s equivalent to living in ancient Egypt as a lowliest of the low poor guy scraping ends meat from the gutter (if they had any…) and suddenly walking up to the Pharaoh, whipping out a camera and asking him to politely pose for a shot. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but still… That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

    That being said, I thought I would break my habit on this one and show my favorite moments of the mission with a few pictures. Having no access or ability for fancy screenshot-upgrading-software-that-SneakyJack-and-everyone-else-in-the-world-knows-how-to-use-but-me these screenshots may be a bit dark. Hopefully the dark theme will correct some of that…

    Ah, outside in the sunshine… And everything is normal and right – apart from me being a wanted criminal out to rob the place, obviously

    The moment you realize everything is not normal and right.

    Enter all hope ye who enter here. At this point you can’t see what’s waiting for you – and then you hear it. The distant rumbling sound, coming ever closer and closer… What the heck is over there…? If this moment does nothing for you, then you are truly not afraid of the unknown and are quite possibly the bravest person in the world. The first time I played I ran back the way I came screaming like a little girl. Obviously, this is by no means a reference to a constant state of affairs – even though I am a girl.


    Edit: Sorry for the mega-size pics...
    Last edited by Nightwalker; 20th Apr 2010 at 17:01. Reason: changed screenshots to smaller ones SneakyJack did up for you.

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    Great review Summer! I hope that you'll continue reviewing missions, your reviews are fun to read. You also chose a great mission - Mysterious Invitation is among my favorites.

    Your screenshots looked fine (definitely not too dark!) on my already too dark monitor - so no worries about that. Its great that you chose to include some! I have re-sized the images for you if you'd like to re-link your images so that they don't break forum rules:

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    Wow, it's great to see that my first fan mission is still under discussion.

    I'm curious for a review of "The Mirror of Return"

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    I know I'm late replying to this, but:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    Yeah, it's true that Unkillable Cat does say in his opening "This may be the most beautiful FM released in many years" but what follows is just a mean-spirited rant that seems more like it's trying to get a reaction out of someone than actually provide helpful criticism.
    If it makes you feel better, I have made a second post in the KS thread where I go into further detail of my criticism, complete with suggestions for improvements.

    Phrases like "it looks bloody hideous" and "You screwed up, badly" and worst of all "Congratulations, you've made the FM equivalent of Daikatana!" should have no place in a review on this forum.
    People like you worry me. Really, you do.

    You do not own this forum, and as far as I can tell you are not in a position to dictate what has, or has not, a place on this forum, you only have your opinion, and you have a full right to it. Just like me.

    I mean, I understand being extremely pissed off because you spent 60, 50 or even 20 dollars on a game that turned out to be totally unplayable to you, BUT THIS S**T IS FREE.
    You're wrong. It's not free. Cheap, yes. But not free.

    No one forced you to download it or put a gun to your head forcing you to play it.

    So you're trying to tell me that if I do something and I don't like it, I'm supposed to shut up about it?

    The author isn't some faceless corporate entity like "Electronic Arts" or some overpaid self proclaimed "Gaming God" who needs to be taken down a notch (in the case of the previously mentioned "Daikatana"),
    Question 1: What do you think faceless corporate entities are made of?

    Question 2: Did you (or do you still) think that John Romero needed to be taken down a notch?

    it's a guy who worked hard for years ALONE & UNPAID to make something he hoped you would enjoy.
    Based on that reasoning, I'd say Zontik is getting rewarded handsomely for his efforts. Keep in mind that there are countless people all over the world who have toiled away on their own artistic creations for months, years or even decades, only to find that when they finally release them to the public that their effort was unwelcome, unneccessary or even utterly pointless. Far too many of them even died as a direct result. Zontik's work is "only" getting a divided reception. He's doing pretty good, all things considered.

    And yes, you are entitled to give your honest opinion...What you aren't entitled to do is to be completely mindless of their feelings. Well...okay...maybe you're entitled to that also, what with free speech and all, but let's all be friggen human beings here.
    I was not aware that TTLG was an online therapy session, where a group of like-minded people are to positively reinforce one another until they're ready to deal with the world at large. Oh isn't. It's a forum.

    Zontik wanted opinions, he got mine. Don't like it? Tough.

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