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Thread: Boosting volume above maximum?

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    Boosting volume above maximum?

    So my laptop volume is at 100% but it's simply not loud enough to drain noises. Any tools that can boost it even higher? And before any of you say its limited by my headphones and power - it's not. Some stuff is just recorded with low volume so even at max it's still not as loud as it could be before distortion kicks in. VLC has the ability to push volume "above 100%" and it works great for my music and videos. But I want to be able to do that on-the-fly, for instance, when watching youtube or listening to Pandora.

    So any tools? I could just download the vids and play them in VLC but that's an obnoxiously roundabout way to go about things ><

    (oh and yes I know when you boost it beyond a certain limit it adds distortion/noise, but I dont care, it just needs to be audible enough to drain out the background noise).

    EDIT: heh I tried playing with the "stereo mix" as my input and use VLC to capture and playback that device and while it did boost YouTube to audible levels, it expectedly ended in a feedback loop of doom

    EDIT2: so I just learned VLC can play YouTube videos, which is neat. Still, wont work for Pandora, so still looking for a 'proper' solution.
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    You might be able to use something like DFX to compress the output of your audio: VLC's volume slider works ok but can lead to nasty distortion if you aren't careful.

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    When you're already at the maximum volume and need that extra push over the cliff, perhaps one of these could help:

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