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Thread: Remember that game? ('Cause I don't...)

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    Remember that game? ('Cause I don't...)

    I think we've had threads like this before, but rather than bring back an ancient and possibly endless thread to life I hope it's okay if I start a new one. There's many others here who have been playing games since the Titanic sank, so I'm hoping you can help me with my questions. Also, anyone else should feel free to post their own questions, obviously. :-)

    1) A C-64 graphic adventure, probably from around 1985. Your character was a British adventurer, one of those "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?" type guys. The graphics were like pages from a cartoony comic book, monochromatic (I seem to remember them being black-and-yellow), and when you moved from one location to the next you'd get this simple effect of turning the page. I think it was a very early point'n'click type game, although with static graphics - and when you clicked on Talk and on yourself, you'd get a comment along the lines of "Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity."

    2) Again, C64 (though also Amiga), but this time an action adventure, with fairly colourful cutesy-cartoony graphics. Very simple use-object/skill-with-object gameplay. If I remember correctly, you choose multiple characters from a list of national caricatures from around 1900 - the pith helmet British imperialist, the snake-charming Indian, the cowboy etc., and due to their skills and the set of objects they have, they can solve the little puzzles in different ways: the Indian might charm a snake with his flute, while someone else might kill it with the weapon he's got.

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    The first one could be 'African safari'. I had to look around a bit because i only remeber the Livingston guy and meeting two monkeys:
    Big monkey says 'Me strong!'
    Small monkey says 'Me got gun!'

    The second one doesn't ring a bell at all so i can't help you there.

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    The second one might be Stifflip & Co., though your description matches only halfway.

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    Heh... Eshaktaar, I just checked the game you listed - and while it's not the second one I was asking about, it turns out it's the first one! Thanks a lot! I wonder whether it was released under a different title as well, because Stifflip & Co doesn't ring a bell at all, but it's quite clearly the game I meant.

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