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Thread: 2010 Greatest FM Timeline Poll

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    2010 Greatest FM Timeline Poll

    Here are the FM's for 2010 ranked highest to lowest by number of forum hits. As with the 2009 please judge for yourself if you think that fm's should be moved around.

    For this set it seems the number of FM's is beginning to dwindle, and I may only do the top 10 instead of 15.

    Top 15

    King's Story 884
    Mirror of Return 540
    Tales from the Cleft 2: Ladytaker 359
    Horns of Canzo part 2: The Dragon's Claw 351
    Insanity's Crescendo 325
    3 Distinct Adventures 305 (3 missions)
    When Still... 301 (4 missions)
    Among Two Storms 225
    Fables Of The Penitent Thief 223
    Shadows in our Blood 221

    Elizabeth Bathory series will be mentioned as a notable series.

    Score Below 200

    DarkStone Gem 1: The Conflict 166
    Just Friends part 2 139
    Darkstone Gem part 1: Looking for Info 132
    Of The Sinister Awakening 121
    Garrett and the Princess 113
    Crooked Town 109
    Mech Angelo 104
    Journey into the Underdark100

    The Rest

    Acid Trip 96
    After Dark 94
    Bad Blood 86
    Whatever Happened to Sir Agutt? 79
    Defense Assassination 2 79
    Escape Hammer Hill 70
    Night's Profit 66
    Strife 64
    Garrett's Young Years XTra 62
    Down with Mechanists 60
    Captain of the Guard 58
    Mine Saga 55
    Reflections 54
    DarkWood 2 51
    Visit for the Knights 39
    Beginning of Era Karath-Din 37
    City Conflict 5 37
    Taking a Risk 36
    Haunt Stadium 32
    Settling A Score 31
    Space Project 17
    Bodysnatchers 2
    On the Way to the League of Grim Thieves 1
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    Actually I see a lot of things I would change on both of your lists but, like all such comparisons, it is very subjective. And while I applaud your effort and ingenuity in creating these, I don't think the scores (as you've obtained them) are meaningful. There are too many "apples and oranges" comparisons in terms of where you obtained the scores and the arbitrary choices you were forced to make.

    For example, I don't understand the reasoning behind dropping Rust Belt prison out of the top 15 just to keep Five Tigers together. Only one of those missions scored higher than RBP so why are the other two included in the top 15?

    I realize that these kinds of arbitrary decisions must be made sometimes and I'm not faulting you for it. I just don't think that they lead to reliable scoring. For instance, I can't imagine any reasonably accurate scoring system leaving "When Still" out of the top 10, let alone as far down the list as it is.

    That said, thanks for doing this. I really appreciate the effort and it is helpful, at least for getting a general look at how FMs fared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEtern View Post
    Sun Within and the Sun Without -----
    When Still... ----
    What happened with these two?
    I've got The Sun Within, The Sun Without at 263 hits & When Still.... at 503 hits (over 4 threads). Then again, I couldn't get a response using 'Advanced Search'. The words are too common or too short.

    I agree with much of what Tannar said - you were always going to run into difficulties after going past the last updates of The Circle & KoMaG's site. Actually, I'm surprised how accurate (personal opinion of course) the 2010 list is based purely on forum hits.

    One problem with this method is that hits will typically be made up of questions, praise, the occasional off-topic "sub-thread" & pointing out / discussion of bugs - though only one of these categories is relevant to these lists (&, hey, I'm definitely not suggesting going through each thread & seperating out the praise ). For example, King's Story was widely liked but was very difficult, prompting loads of questions - whereas the likes of Mine Saga & Escape From Hammer Hill were also well-liked, but few questions were required.

    But please keep doing these: this 2010 list is (mostly) still a very good guide.

    Edit: just realized you missed Fables Of The Penitent Thief - 354 hits over 2 threads.
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    I don't know if you need these but just in case, here are the links to the threads for When Still:

    Mission 1
    Mission 2
    Mission 3
    Mission 4

    When I checked just now, there were 615 hits over the 4 threads with 301 of them in the first thread, though that might be misleading since it is also the original release thread.

    And here is the link to The Sun Within and the Sun Without

    And yes, please keep doing these. Much appreciated!

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    Updated with new information. Thank you Tanner. The Sun within without FM was also listed on my 2009 list and I just updated it with that.

    and the When Still.... and the new one listed are now up. Making top 10 to top 15.

    Yes I know these numbers don't work so good, hence the poll/forum thing I got going here.

    The reasoning why Rust Belt Prison got dumped though it had a higher forum hit. I still needed to make it up to 15 missions and the two missions below rust belt were not as good. and like it was said these numbers are not exactly accurate so I reasoned perhaps the series as a whole was better fitted.

    oh and for forums hits I choose only 1 thread that represents the FM's Introduction and never use help me threads.

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