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Thread: Back to taffing... after almost a decade

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    Registered: Jul 2012
    Location: Lucija, Slovenia

    Back to taffing... after almost a decade

    Hi, Taffers! I decided to register here. I can't believe I have discovered these forums only recently. I especially love all the inside info and discussion about all the characters, the venues, it is like reading a historic book.

    I bought Thief Gold back in February 2001. I finished it twice. Now the memories have come back. Sadly, I have problems with my TG discs as my former computer somehow scratched the first one, and I had problems installing it. I will probably re-buy it later. So now I switched to TMA (haven't played DS). The last time I played it was back in January 2003 (how time flies), but haven't finished it-had no patience for Soulforge. And at that time I also had no idea of fan missions, expansion pack etc.

    I began my journey into the Metal Age. Currently I am about to surprise Mr. Truart in his estate (I have a bad feeling about it...). Well, I realized I haven't yet celebrated properly my return to the shadows. I felt lonely so I invited a couple of... (forced) guests for a drink. The wild party ended and it's time to move forward...

    ... as soon as I get up properly...

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    No worries about Sabotage at Soulforge. The first time I played it, it took like a month, playing on and off, to beat. There was one machine in one factory bay which I could not find and I ended up traversing the entirety of the Cathedral a dozen times.

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    Welcome to TTLG LostCitizen! I still remember how happy I was when I found this place.

    TG can be tricky to find sometimes but it's available on Good Old Games if you can't find a copy.

    Have fun!

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    Wow, I thought I had been a while. Almost a hear and a half since I had played an FM, a year before that...

    Anyone here will gladly lend a hand on how to fix just about anything, like working thief gold on windows 7.

    GOG should have the old games, Deadly shadows is usually a good price on steam. And if you do get it working all good, be sure to try and find the bow upgrade. It is only in thief gold i think.

    Don't argue with admins, and be careful about discussing Deadly shadows infront of certain taffers...

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    Welcome to the forums, LostCitizen. There are over 1000 fan missions waiting for you (some as good or better than the original missions) as well as a very friendly community to be part of.

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    Cool. Welcome. I remember when I first found this place too. I had been making maps in dromed on my own for like 2 years without knowing anybody else was also doing it! (No home internet access.) It was such a rush to see how many great FMs were out there.

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    Registered: Jul 2012
    Location: Lucija, Slovenia
    Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes, I remember what a pain it was to arrange a marriage between TMA and Windows 7, but after 2-3 reinstalls and patches it somehow began to work.

    It's the first time I have heard about GOG, wow. Can't wait to finish TMA and to visit THC again. Not to mention to try FMs. I bookmarked the thread mentioning them and also splitting them into various categories.

    But it is the play that is so different than 10 years ago. You guys should also know this... 10 year younger taffer wanted to finish the assignments as quickly as possible; now he wants to break into every single room.
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    When you get to playing fan missions, you should be able to find what you need in the Links thread.

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    I've been playing Soulforge for two weeks now- took me about 5/6 hours to complete the objectives, now I just have to get out.

    It also took me a few years to complete TDP, which I started playing in 2000, and abandoned several times. It always drags you back.


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