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Thread: I smell a DX replay coming on...what do you all think about enhancements?

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    I smell a DX replay coming on...what do you all think about enhancements?

    There are a number on moddb, New Vision, HDTP, and a couple more. Does anyone have much experience with these? I was mostly thinking about aesthetic fixes, but its been a while since my first playthrough and I don't remember if there were some weird things/bugs that could use fixing.

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    Last time I played I just threw in one of the new renderers and turned off motion blur and left it at that.

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    HDTP was nowhere near finished, last time I checked. new vision is a must have, and the new renderer(s) as well. as for the gameplay, you should go either for the shifter mod, or even biomod.

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    We're actually pretty much done on HDTP. We're in final alpha/beta testing, but it's getting everyone together to coordinate shit that's difficult.

    Still, HDTP can be applied at basically anytime, so don't wait up.

    Shifter and biomod are reasonably substantial gameplay changes, so check first if you're happy with the changes. New Vision is a must, though: that shit is gorgeous.

    Wander over to the offtopic forums for a fairly comprehensive list of mods.

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    All this talk of eye candy I never knew about makes me want to do another re-play.

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    Speaking of replays Game Informer posted a Warren Spector DX commentary.

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