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Thread: CLUB: Shameless Self-Promotion

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    Registered: Jul 2001

    CLUB: Shameless Self-Promotion

    I'm putting on a clubnight in London.

    NOISE: PopMusicArtSweets

    From the team behind, NOISE is a monthly night of music and dancing and pretty pictures and free candy. Launching Sunday October 21, it takes place every third Sunday of the month at the Electricity Showrooms (in super-trendy Shoreditch, but don't let that put you off).

    Other than the howdy doody bunch of residents, including Stevie Chick (NME), Joanne Borshell (Supernature), Phillip Mlynar (HHC, Fat Lace) and Craig Leckie (MSM Records, Sleazenation), every month will feature a DJ set from what we like to call 'a big name'. Following in the fine footsteps of Kieran Hebden (Fridge, Four Tet)'s motorik mesh of avant-pop and wired electronica at our launch night earlier this year is Max Tundra, who will be setting things up with a messy mix of the gouging glitch, skittering samples and bleeding edge confusadelica proffered ably by last year's "Some Friend You Turned Out To Be" album on the Domino imprint.

    Future months will see Roots Manuva and a certain old rocker from The Who taking control of the decks in similarly offbeat, on-point style. The residents themselves play a mix of stunningly good music, whether it's Eddie Bo-era funk, Larry Levan-era disco, Cold Chillin'-era hip-hop, any modern band with a name as good as Baby Huey and The Babysitters, or hell, Ludacris mashed up with NWA, Britney Spears, Ghostface, Big Black, The Specials, Chic, Techno Animal, Rakim and the Boards of Canada. Eclecticism is a brush we'll inevitably be tarred with, but it's as wrongheaded as the soul-less chinstrokers with which such nights are usually festooned. Besides, we'd prefer to just call it fun.

    NOISE is your Sunday nights, and Monday mornings, never being the same
    again. Join us.

    NOISE: PopMusicArtSweets
    The Electricity Showrooms
    39a Hoxton Square, N1
    Old Street Tube
    Free admission
    Free sweets

    Disseminate essential information.

    Contact: Noise Website

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    Registered: Aug 1999
    Location: Bath, England.

    I should be there. Sneering, in my Bobby Chaos persona.


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    Registered: Jul 2001

    Everyone should be there.

    I will be revelling in my newly-single status. And so should my lovely new best-friend (read: ex-girlfriend).

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    Curious. I shall endeavour to be present. Yes. Maybe.

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    Registered: Jul 2001

    Cool. Should be a good night, and we're already speaking to some fine people about next month's one.

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    Registered: Aug 1999
    Location: Bath, England.

    Dress up cool. It is only right that the bleeding edge of videogame theory should be seen in the bleeding edge of music criticism's nights.



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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: The North, UK

    Sounds interesting. Unfortunately I cant go. But i hope it goes well for you, I did a fair bit of club night promotion a few years back and I wouldnt wish that sinking feeling of a half empty club and a big name DJ to pay on anyone.
    The Narcissus Entity

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    Originally posted by Brem_X_Jones:
    It is only right that the bleeding edge of videogame theory should be seen in the bleeding edge of music criticism's nights.
    I'm flattered.

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    Registered: Aug 1999
    Location: Bath, England.

    I was talking about me.


    p.s. Joking, sweetie.

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    'Course, love. Now how does one "dress" "cool"?

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    Registered: Jul 2001

    If one has to ask...

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    Flannel shirts, sensible shoes, white socks, pull your trousers up into your armpits. The girls 'll come a flockin'

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: Sat at my desk.

    You forgot the 'clitoris jacket'.

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    Originally posted by Chris Houghton:
    If one has to ask...
    ...then one knows no discernible difference between casual and cool. And in fact is determined never to let it worry him.

    [sticks out tongue]

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    Right right. I CAN come. But not till later, on account of my uncle being Udayan Prasad, director of Gabriel and Me, premiering tonight. So. Late, then.

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