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Thread: DISCUSS: Warren vs Doug

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    DISCUSS: Warren vs Doug

    Two of the foremost minds in the aesphetic, slugging it out. Read and speak.


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    I think the format would have been more interesting if they had been asked to defend the game the other had designed! Less confrontational that way.

    Food for thought definitely but I am still digesting it.
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    Also at Ion Storm's site are Randy's presentation on Stealth and Harvey's on Systemic design. Worth looking at, for all designers.

    Cassandra's especially.


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    i think warren cannot criticize thief for being linear... DX was really linear too, just several prescripted forks but ultimately you always had to do certain things (help paul and teh NSF, etc.)

    i also think his comment that thief is too much "standing in a shadow and waiting" because it doesnt have to be.

    if u play on easy, u can kill people and shoot them in the head with arrows. you can CHOOSE to wait if you want to be a perfect thief. plus this makes it like real life. If you are in real life, you cannot runn around like a fool with a gun and expect to live. No matter what the situation, if there is danger in real life it is best to wait for the perfect moment and plan ahead.

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    Welcome to the forum, Peter.

    If you do a show all threads, you'll find the "introduce yourself" thread or similar. Feel free to do what the title may suggest.


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    Originally posted by p7eter
    ...too much "standing in a shadow and waiting"...
    Agreed fella! I think Warren's got that bit wrong too. Surely hanging around in the dark is a major factor of feevin'...

    Some of my tensest "Thief" I/II moments came from lurking in shadows waiting for guards to walk out of earshot or into sap range.



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