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Thread: FUTURETECH: Move over Bob Page

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    FUTURETECH: Move over Bob Page



    "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

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    If you keep an eye on The Register you'll notice the occasional story about Kevin Warwick aka "Captian Cyborg", who they regard with some considerable scorn for his overinflated ego, dubious tricks and outrageous claims.

    Basically he's very good at getting the slack-jawed portions of the media to ooh and ahh over his amazing predictins in the face of less than incredible results.

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    I went to one of his lectures a while back and found him quite interesting though clearly he was appealing to us GCSE students at the time. He has been experimenting with that technology for ages but it does look quite impressive. I look forward to being able to think-type.
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    I find the concept of mmm nice tits think-typing to be an altogether shame about the ass terrifying prospect.

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