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Thread: T2 FM: Out for a Revenge (May 27, 2004)

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    I am enjoying this FM very much...I can only hope that we can expect some more completed missions from you in the future. Some of my all-time favorite missions are ones that really did not get the credit and recognition that I felt they deserved.

    I do have one question for the chapel, is there any passage accessible from the rafters to get to the apparition you see behind the small windows????

    Thanks in Advance

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    Well, it took me 6 months but I FINALLY got around to playing this mission and it's excellent! A beautifully designed city sector, sewers, caves and a nice big mansion that are all fun to explore. Thanks very much, Istvan Varga!

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    Out for a revenge....secret place on map?

    HOW do I get to the "secret place" on the map that says...unknown? I have been all through the mansion and pretty much knocked everyone out, but I still need to find the incriminating evidence. Can someone just come out and tell me where to go next?? Is there a secret button I need to find? Where is it if that is the case.

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    There are some hints here that will probably answer your question. The main thread about this mission is packed with stuff too.

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    I just got done with this and it was a thoroughly enjoyable mission. Much bigger than I thought it would be. I've been working my way through the top rated fm's and this one was sort of at the end of the list because I hadn't heard much about it on the forums. Read the notes first. Watch out for those guys in the gold helmets and you'll be better off.

    My first run through I only found two secrets. I enjoyed the...

    ...timed switches with the gold helmeted guard.

    Mild Criticism
    While in the mansion I expected to find more passages, especially with those big beams around, but there just weren't any. Maybe the author ran out of space. Anyhow, it wasn't necessary.

    Looking forward to playing this again to find the remaining secrets.

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    Excellent mission Istvan. I really liked the use of classic old textures and AI models. I'm making a similar FM myself (a mansion in city district with lucrative places to break in) but I don't think I'll top this one.

    And thanks to inscrutable po for resurrecting this thread, otherwise I wouldn't have found this great FM .

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    Well, thanks to the Name That FM thread I played this one, and I must say it's really good! I already played Retrieval of the Soul, and the first time I encountered the 'blackjack change' I was a bit pissed (first time my blackjack failed me ) This time I was prepared for it, and I really had much fun playing this mission. Especially the caves and the mansion were beautifully designed. Didn't find the easter egg though . I hope one day there will be another FM from you, and you're right; this mission is a bit forgotten, and that's a shame, I recommend it to everyone.

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    How do you mean, broke? That was one the coolest beats I heard in years!

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    I was kidding, I thought it was pretty cool too. I've never seen anything like it myself either, thats why I posted it.

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    Underappreciated gem

    I always knew "Out for a Revenge", Istvan Varga's 2004 FM, was one worthy to try out. But until recently I've never managed to get far, let alone actually finish it. My previous attempts failed, probably due to it's difficulty, but third time's the charm and I'm glad I finally managed to get through it. This is one hell of a fan mission and only adds to my conclusion that 2004 was a fruitful year for this community, with a lot of excellent FMs being released .

    As far as the story is concerned, in rough lines it doesn't differ much from the two previous missions I've played recently, save for the fact that both in HipBreaker's Retaliation and Tomi's Profane Ascension your goal was to kill the bad guy. Even though Garrett considers this option, it's all about stealing some incriminating evidence from his main antagonist, Lord Ramsden, this time around. In the description through DarkLoader we read that this nobelman offered Garrett a job, which he refused. Garrett was ambused and incarcerated into the Lord's prison as a result. Our hero escapes however, and is now... Out for (a) Revenge. It seems that a certain noblewoman dissapeared in Lord Ramsden's mansion recently and rumour has it the latter has something to do with this. Your job is to get inside, steal some evidence about the Lord's involvement, rob the place while you're there, and head back to where you started.
    This isn't easy to accomplish. Lord Ramsden mustn't get aware of your plans or it's mission failed. While pretty easy to achieve on Normal, it's the Hard and Difficulty settings that pose a tough job. On expert you're not allowed to kill any humans, be seen by any of the unarmed residents, knock out more then 10 people and when you decide to purchase a blackjack at the start, you've got no money left for other equipment. Pretty hard, and it might scare some people off, but it delivered me one of the best thieving experiences in a long time .

    It struck me what a complete job the author did in creating this mission and I can't even think of anything significant the author could improve, save for minor things. Well, maybe one: don't let me die so often, but in fact that's simply my fault for being so hasty, impulsive and simply choosing Expert difficulty . Because playing on this difficulty isn't like playing on Expert as in, well, almost any other mission I came across. It requires what it says it requires: expertise! The player is forced to use the shadows to full advantage, plan your every move (scan the patrol routes and now when to cross a hallway), make good use of eavesdropping and equipment as the scouting orb, consider when to use arrows and blackjack, and make use of your maps and compass. Not something most thief players require to use all this combined in a regular mission. But in doing so it gave me an experience I haven't felt since playing the original missions. Until the moment I started this mission some days ago, I felt the last time I put my skills and experience to good use was too long ago; playing Istvan Varga's mission that gave me the ultimate thief experience once again. It was rewarding and I loved the thrill and tension of it . To hide in the shadows and seeing a guard pass just a metre from your location, just listening to his mumbling for minutes until it's time for a next move. From this point onwards I'd prefer a FM to be too difficult rather then too easy. Not only because of the abovementioned but also as it allows you to appreciate the other strong aspects of a level; and in Out for a Revenge there are plenty.

    There are various settings to explore, like a city neighborhood, sewers and a large mansion. The AI is remarkably intelligent and sensitive. We can see them closing a door that is left opened, run to a nearby gong to wake up their sleeping colleagues, and they can even manage to spot you when their side is turned your way. Through the course of the game we notice the player has different paths he can take to move through the level (the city has several handy shortcuts and there are several access hatches from which he can enter the mansion through the sewers). Another thing that draws attention is the detail of the maps at your disposal. Not only nicely scetched, they reveal every niche and porch the player can use to hide in. And by looking at the maps (especially those of the mansion) it is clear to see it's intented to make the layout as real as possible, displaying all kinds of rooms one can expect in such a place. Lovely work The mansion's architecture looks very good (notice the nearly seamless round arcades above doorways for example), the texturing is convincing and the cherries on the pie are all those small but incredible pieces of detail that make this level rise above the regular mansion exploration: we see residents sleeping on back, belly as well on their side, lights that dim only one side of a room while lighting the other, a combined use of T1 and T2 AI skins (and how convincing the first still look). It makes this one of the most vivid and convincing manors I've ever had the chance to explore. And beside this I love the medieval feel of the place, with the wall tapestries, interior and use of stock textures.
    Some things could've been worked out better, like with the presence of the craymen wandering the sewers. No one (not the thieves nor the inhabitants of the manor) make any mention of it, which seems a bit odd. I also found it unconvincing that when Garrett locates a blackjack in a couple containers throughout the level, he can't take these with him and they only count as "junk". A decision of the author I don't really understand. Wouldn't it have been better to scrap the mention of this in the readme, make the in-game blackjacks really difficult to acquire (as an extra incentive) but usable, and let the player decide at the start if he wants to spend all his money on this weapon? Still, these are only minor nitpicks for an otherwise excellent level.

    In my opinion this mission didn't receive the attention it deserved. Could it be because, when searching for the title, only "Revenge" (being quite common) is a searchable option? I doubt it, although I did added some tags to make this thread easier to find in the future. The fact remains the mission only sporadically draw replies since 2005 and no one even bothered to post their remarks over the past 3 years, which is undeserving . This mission by Istvan Varga is a lovely piece of work and strong on multiple aspects. There's a difficulty choice for all kinds of players (a walk in the park for novice taffers to a hardcore thief experience on expert), features well designed settings like a city and manor, there's plenty of loot and secrets to be found, includes several lovely attention to detail (quite remarkable for a mission of it's age), and brings us a varied collection of opponents to deal with. Overall this mission it makes up for an excellent gameplay experience, that I would recommend to play on Expert for extra challenge and immersion. Crap, managed to finish on Expert, nearly 3 hours of playing and still missing 3 secrets. Oh well .

    Difficulty: Expert (4 of 10 KO's)
    Time: 2 hours 50 minutes 3 seconds
    Loot: 2115 out of 2200
    Secrets: 2 out of 5
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    Some hints regarding the secrets:
    - it is worth looking at the ceiling, some secrets can be found by looking up at the right places
    - in the caves, check for hidden nugget(s)
    - there is a hidden passage in the mansion, with multiple exits
    - this is not a real secret, more like an easter egg, but you can exit the front gate of the mansion, although what you can find outside is not very interesting; however, the key only appears after a certain point in the game (quite late), in one of the bedrooms

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