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Thread: T2 FM: Profane Ascension (July 13th, 2004)

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    Oh, sweet, it's nice to hear about people still playing the FM so many years after its release. Thanks for posting this!

    Also, thanks for your kind words. I don't know how well this FM rates compared to the others and I probably wouldn't go that far with the praise, but hey, I'm not complaining! I know I must have done something right, and I agree with the pros and cons that you mentioned there.

    I'm not sure if the story itself is all that great (it's a bit cliché and it doesn't make so much sense sometimes), but I'm quite proud of how it's being told during the mission and how it's being revealed to the player a little by little. A big thanks goes to Izeman for the briefing video of course, he did an awesome job with just a couple of screenshots that I sent to him and the recorded narrative!

    You're absolutely right about the graphics too, I was never completely satisfied with that part of my FM, but I thought it looked somewhat decent at the time, so I was okay with it. Apart from the few essential custom objects and AI skins, I don't think I used any custom resources, so yes, the mission looks a bit crude in many ways.

    Oh, and the "explosive effect" of the holy sword - that was actually a "bug" that I was never able to fix, although in the end I didn't even bother trying to fix it, as I actually thought that it's a good thing! You can avoid getting hurt by keeping your distance to the undead, and by dodging backwards when the zombies blow up in pieces, but I guess you need a little luck there too. However, it prevents the mission from being total hack'n'slash, so I guess that's a good thing... (or is it? )

    And finally, yes, this is indeed sadly my only released T2 project... But you know what, I'm going to launch Dromed right now after a few months break and work on my eternity project a little.

    Thanks (again)!

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    You're welcome Tomi Every FM, no matter how old, deserves a bump once in a while. Glad you appreciate my little review. Hopefully those who never played it before give it a go sometime.

    Yes the zombie exploding "bug" isn't a bad thing at all . Thanks for those tips to circumvent being hurt by all these flying remnants.

    It's good to hear you've pick up dromEd again

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