Detailed walkthrough on "The Mages Area" - by MadGod (mission author)

1. Lunar Glade & Entrance Areas.
2. Hall of the Titans & the Tower.
3. Living Quarters.
4. The Enlightened Path & Lost Corridors
5. Secret Passage.
6. Library.
7. Archives.
8. Word Test Area & Wizard's Hall.
9. Ancient Kings's Tomb Raider.
10. Return for the Ring.

Note: I've used some directions in this WT like North South-East, but in the Original version (1.0) of this level there are no compass and player can not know what direction he is looking right now. I'm sorry for that unconvenience, but it you are playing Original version you must know what are you doing and is able to use folowing info.

1. Lunar Glade & Entrance Areas.

You found yourself in the forest. Entrance to the Mages dungeon must be near, according to the Switcher's descrioption. Behind you the path, whare you come from, in front of you something like an openig in that sea of trees. This must be the Lunar Glade. See the old sarcophagus? Look for a gold plate under it. On the East near three trees locate the plant with the gem inside. In the 'Simplified Version' (let's call it SV since, the first version will be called Original ) there is the tree with healing fruits & potion of Holy Water near the closed Crypt. Find the opening with the rope hanging down. Note the floor down there is tile. Shoot the moss arrow there and climb down. Look around & note the Haunt in the end of the corridor. Make the silent path in the corridor using Moss Arrows. stay in the shadow. Ready your sword... what, you did not take the sword with you? Where you supposed to go then? But don't panic, look out the corner & you'll see the table with the sword on it. Fire moss in order to reach the table in silence. Then wait until Haunt turns back to you, then run to the table, grab the sword & run back to the safe shadows of corridor. Wait again with sword ready, the backstab that stupid creature. Hack it several times if your backstab did not killed him. Ok, here the table... search on it & you'll find the button (in SV you don't even need to search). It opens the picture, near the entrance. Return to that picture, get the key, hack the bunners & kill the spiders (spider in SV), under one of them you may find a ring.
Proceed to the door, guarded by Haunt. Open it with the key... & key is gone. Don't worry you don't need it anymore. Go forth & jump down the cilinder room with four columns. One of them has carving with the silver nugget in it. Now, can you swim? Hope, you can. Swim along the tunnel, find the necklace lying on the bottom. Swim out to the pyramide-like room. A Zombie will greet you. Lead him to the water & let him drown. Back to the pyramide, looks like another crypt. On the floor you can find two lockpicks, piece of bread, rope arrow (two in SV) & the book. Read it carefully, since it has the hint to the future (it has several pages). I guess all, let's return to the cilinder room. Look up & note the wooden beam (I bribed the builders to leave it there for you). Save you game. Shoot the rope arrow into that beam & climb on it. Then jump on to the ledge, but be careful - don't hit the lamp with you head, or ... Follow the corridor to the bunner. It must be something behid, but how to get there? It won't move, the sword can't cut it. Wait? what that torch doing here? I think it placed too high, let's move it down a bit. Waw, the banner opened the way, cool! Proceed along the corridor behind the banner, down the stairs, etc. Now you are in the watching room. You can break the "windows" (you always can do it) and you can find the healing potion there. Nothing interesting more,... hey, wait, leave the chair alone, it is not valuable! I will honestly tell you about all the valuables, but leave the furniture alone, ok?
Now go to the another corridor, wich leads to the Titans' Hall.

2. Hall of the Titans & the Tower.

There nothing interesting in the HOT except couple of Haunts. You need to pass them unseeed & unheard (in SV you can also KILL THEM ALL, in normal you can't). By the way near the N-E column lies the Breath Potion. You may find the large secred door, open it & try to pass the teleporting pads by yourself, but this is not the way supposed to win the level (I just forget to remove frob possibility from this door, so it is not supposed to be opened by you).
So we go to the opposite corner of the HOT (opposite to the corner where we entered). Proceed to the corridor, there you can see: closed portcullis, scull, bull's eye, pressure plate on the floor and a niche. Crouch & go to the pressure plate, 5 arrows will hit the air under your head and kill the bull's eye. Also you must hear the explosion sound. Hurry up to the niche, crouch & look thougth it. There must be some kind of pedestal with three skulls on it. You should knock the of that pedestal by broadheads on order to open portcullis. If niche closed & you knocked not all the skulls, then you must to push that pressure plate again.
Now you are throught to porcullis, let's go forward! You came upon the large stairs. Go forth and see what's going on up there... See the next corridor, then look up. If you'll use your rope arrow, you can get the gem lying on the crossing of three wooden beams.
Then proceed to the cross-looking corridors. There must be three haunts & an apparition. Your goal is to take three scrolls in the three deadends. When you did it the parchment will appear in the middle of the corridor cross. Grab that parchment & read it, but it will vanish after the first reading, so write down the information from it. This parchment tells you how to pass the teleporting pads (and also opens that secret door, which you can open by yourself thanks to my mistake).
Then down the tower stairs and to the another corridor leading to the living quarters.

Two apparitions patrols vertical corridor. You may to kill them, but it is more interestng to sneak by them (It is possible - I done it several times & it is really not demands a large amount of saves/loads). All rooms either open or can be picked.

- Morpheus' appartments.
****** in SV: There a key on the floor in the left of the bed, which opens the left chest, the right chest opened by lockpicks. And the Library Key on the chair.
****** in Original: The Library Key on the floor in the left of the bed. Key to the chest lying on the chair & hard to see & grab (but possible).
There also a note, which does not contains any hints.

There the jar on one of the the closets.

There are two jars: one on the closet & another is near it.

A jar on the table & the tapestry behind one of the beds.

A switch placed under the closet near the door. Switch moves another closet. A key lying on the closed near the door, opens the small secret door behind another closed. There placed a box, which may be picked. It contains Magic Lucky Coins & note.

A parchment containing the hint about how to pass the magic barrier blocking way to library, vase & gemstone in the FootLocker.

A vase, some tomes of Encyclopaedia and a note about artifacts.

Book with the riddles, not affects the gameplay, just fun.

A vase.

Scroll with answers to the riddles from room8

I guess nothing.

SilverCoins in the FootLocker and very noise vase.

Now let's get out of there. Return to the Hall of the Titans (HOT) & locate the way opened in the East wall to the blue room.

4. The Enlightened Path & Lost Corridors

Remember the hint about teleporting pads? It tells on wich of them you can safely stand. If you forget, I'll remind you:
Left Path: the Sixth.
Middle Path: the Fifth.
Right Path: the Second and the Fourth.
Now you are in the long pathway with the strange white thing ahead. Comon! Go for it! Ooops! sorry, I forgot to warn you about that trap. Wait in the water while the wall makes its way. Then climb out and find the healing potion in the corner (in SV near the exit). But be carefull - the wall is heading back!
Where am I? Damn - Unknown Location, do you remember where it is?
Maybe it is time to find Mike at last? It's simple: go forward, turn left, go forward till the crossroads, wait for zombie walk near you & turn to the right (looking from you), then walk after him (i.e. turn right to follow him), then you'll turn left, then again left. Now you can see the blue barrier ahead - you need to go there, don't worry barrier don't hurt you. Now you have found the door. Save your game.
Open the door, the guy standing there is... Mike of course. Don't tell me you ever thought he is dead or something like that - I'm not so evil. So come in, please. Mike will not tell you that he is Mike because you have met before, he will recognize you and briefly explain you the basics of the universe structure.
You didn't understand his words... that's not your fault - he has interesting pronounce. That's why I told you to save your game. But there is no reason to load it. I'll translate his sayings: he ask you to bring the Book of Teleportation from the Library & also he advised you to read the journal on the table. Warning: this journal contains several pages and it is difficult (at least for me) to find where I must click to turn the page. Also this journal contains the important hint for your current position. Yes you can take those pieces of cheese: Mike will make more if necessary, he is a mage if you forgot.
But we have distracted. Suppose you have read the book, hence you got to find the map. Look behind the bed, you need to jump on it, to crouch & look in the corner (or you can simply destroy the bed with your sword, but I fear that your friends-zombies will hear you crashing the furniture and became to worry about). Get the map, now you can see the normal map instead of stupid inscription "Unknown Location". So you probably can find this switch which opens the way to the Secret Passage. to find the switch you better crouch & look at the ceiling of the corridor.

5. Secret Passage.

A small hatch opened when you touched that old switch. Fine, go there quickly, better don't block zombies' way - they don't like it. Hack the web - hope you like spiders. Go out & kill the first of them (leave some broadheads for better use & hack him or let him drown). Proceed to another small hole & follow the path killing all spiders. Go out for some larger space. Walk along the water channel, note the opening above with the ladder - we'll go that way later. Now we'll go further, hear the rushing water? Know what does it means,... yes, prepare to swim.
What can I tell: you should swim along the underwater cave to the larger cave, which has more air. When you'll come to the surface go to the West side of the cave. On the north SpiderBeast guarding its prey. It is you who should decide how to kill it. It is dead I suppose, ok go there, take some water arrows, noise arrow, find the Library Key (the second one if you haven't found the first). Take the body (it is the guy who wrote that journal - do you remember?) and grab the purse under it - he'll never need it. Read the scroll & get some ideas of what is going on.
Leave the cave (it means to swim) & return to the opening with the ladder. Climb the ladder, kill or run off two spiders. Jump on the next ladder, climb it, kill or run off one more spider. Then find the last ladder. Climb down and jump off - whoala, you are now on the other side of that nasty floor trap.
Now you are almost ready to go to the Library.

6. Library.

What I'm supposed to to with that buzzing barrier blocking my way? That's simple - remember the hint found in the quarters: 'Hit the only guardian that is not guardian, they said ...'. Look around, find six statues, five of them has sword & shield - probably warriors (guardians) and one is a woman holding the book. You don't hurt womans - that's a nonsence, KILL her! Boom, yes that's better, now barrier is gone and you may proceed to the library.
Meet the Holy Water Fontain here & the big door then. Open it with the Library Key. See the fish statue in the fontain? It's eyes are some valuables so I guess you need to blind it. But be carefull: the uncarpeted floor is very noisy and you must be quiet in the Library.
Get the gem-eyes, proceed to the next room. There stands two apparitions, but you can pass them safely. Climb up to the next floor. There one haunt patrolling around the center of the main hall, one apparition stands near the opposite wall, and another haunt standing somewhere between book shelves.
You need two things from there: the valuable bottle on the table near apparition (optional) and the High Library Key, which hangs on the belt of Haunt-between-the- -shelves. Manage to steal it (it's more fun then to kill all around, by the way you can kill them after if you like).
Go to the stairs & climb up to the Penthouse. Open the High Library Door. Sneak in. One Haunt posessing the Archives Key sadly walking between the shelves. Take the cup on the table. Read the parchment on the wall - it may tell you something usable. Or may not. Than go to the dark part of the room &steal the key from the haunt. Now go the that darkened shelf passage. Find there a secret button. Push it. Waw, you just opened the way to the Archives. Go down the stairs to the first floor where fontain is. Look under the stairs, find the path to the Archives & the jar.
Go down. There the tile floor again, damn give me that builder who has builded that level and I... Don't hurry, no way to panic, look around - do you really think that here may hide somebody or something, NO nobody is here and you may even jump and shout and dance without fear. Use your Archives Key on the portcullis and look the surraungings.
You may find two rooms each closed by portcullis. Also there two levers hidden in the two deadends which open those rooms. In one room you'll find nothing. In another you can find two gold goblets on one of the shelves, a book containing a very impor- tant hint about the Merlin's Ring and a secret book-button which opens the secret appartment in the another room. Go there, on the top shelf find the Book of Teleportation & the gold plate. Now get out of there. Return to the Enlightened Path, fall down the floor trap again & go to the Mike. Give the book to him (actually he will take it himself - no need in trying to use the book on Mike). Then he'll tell you the word (DARK) and that he'll need a time to read the book. Scroll must appear near him in case you didn't catch the word. Let's go the Word Test.

8. Word Test Area & Wizard's Hall.

Enter the room. Find near the left burner a switch, push it. An alphabet tablets begin to open on the other side of room. You can jump up behind them & get there the Speedy Potion. Use the switch to get out.
Now use the tablet & find the runes corresponded to the leters D, A, R , K. You can (should) step on each of those plates containig those runes in order to open the gate doors. Note that if you'll step on the other plate, it will disappear & you may fall down. Also the doors opens temporary (i.e. they'll close after a while).
Go through the doors. Come to the 'canion', hear the pessimistic voice of Garett, close your eyes and step forward....... You can open your eyes, I'm still alive, hurray! Then there will be small stonefall.
Follow the small ledges to the right, find the little opening with big spider in it. Kill it, go inside (you need to crouch in Original), take the lever, see the inscripti- ons (one of them is the very foggy hint, another made by me :) ). Return to the bridge by killing the little spider & take some jumpings.
Now remember the 'Walking on the edge somtimes brings fruits'? If you'll walk on the left side (looking from the Word Test Room) of the bridge the tiny path will appear to the left, walk on it - another appear, walk on the second - third appear. Walk on the third, jump to the ledge, walk along it and there two water arrows (very welcome in Original)(and jemstone in SV). Return back to the bridge.
Now it's time to go forward. You are in the room with two blue lamps (in SV there a jar under one of the stairs, a goblet in the window and several LC_gemstones on the walls). Go to the one of the ways to Wizard Hall. Two fire elementals spending their time there. Kill them or you can hide in the shadows. All you need here: don't take the stone in the center, take the Sceptre from the throne and use the lever on the device behind the throne. Then pull the lever, now gate doors opened & you can return to Mike. He'll ask you where have you been so long and then teleports you & himself out to the Lunar Glade.

9. Ancient Kings's Tomb Raider.

Fresh air - you can't believe it, and the birds - they are singing. Life is beautiful and that is curious.
Mike tells you good bye, thanks, leaves you the key and teleports out (probably went home). You grab the key,... Crypt Key, and where the Cript? Hold on. In the south from the entrance hole you can see through the trees another meadow. Go there, kill the explosing frog using broadhead and note the death staue & the bones on the line of it's site... Open the Crypt. Go inside, if you crouch you can sneak behind the sarcophagus and find a ring under the skull.
Sarcophagus is a fake. Open the lid & jump into it. Fall down into the darkness & see one (three in SV) fire arrow. Now take your brains from the poket & remember the thief's notes. He wrote 'to shoot something bearing the fire along corridor'. Then if you'll shoot the fire arrow along the corridor it will lights up the torch on the other side of the room where ancient kings were buried. Jump doun & be careful: some dadly traps there. Find the rope arrow (arrows in SV). Go back and prepare a way to retreat, i.e. shoot the rope into the wooden beam upthere & try to climb up to see if it possible. Then return to the real sarcophaguses. Jump inside the central one - the best way to avoid the traps. Take the rings, save your game & take the crown. Two zombies will appear (you can't kill them in Original). All you can is to retreat.
Climb out, get to the Lunar Glade.
Now, the final task - get the Merlin's ring.

10. Return for the Ring.

Now you got to remember the Book of the Titans found in the Archives. It tells us: '... and one of the Titans keeps the secret of the Wizard's Ring deep within in our days...'. Let's return to the Hall of the Titans.
1. Does not those columns remind you the Titans which hold the ceiling?
2. '... secret ... deep with in ...' - must be smth in columns I guess.
3. (only in SV) '... to kneel by the Titan if you want to ask him a favor...' - maybe you shoul crouch to find that smth?
So, let's go to the S-W column, look at its South side (i.e. stand in front of the column facing the North). Now crouch and you'll see the switch, pull it and the door will open on the left. Go there, swim up, swim back to the Hall & head to the S-E column. There you'll find the chest, open it; there lies some valuables & the air potion. You got to use it in order to survive.
Now swim & push the switch that you can see when you swim in into the Titans' Hall (it exists only on impossible level of dificulty) . The door on the North side of the HOT will open. Swim there.
You can see around room, seven statues, pedestal, haunt (let me introduce you the Defender), some kind of force field, seven plates (one if front of each statues) and the ring inside the force field. When you enter the room statues begin to shoot the magic missiles. You need to kill haunt. It may be killed only by the sword. Magic missiles heals him 1 HP each hit.
Supposed you killed him. Go to the pedestal & take the Healing Potion & your new sword. Then take the Defender's Scull & put it on one of the pressure plates. Then run around & press the rest six plates by youself. The goal is to have them all pressed simultaneosly for a while. The force field then will disappear. You can now take the Ring. Ooops, portcullis closed the way out. Maybe you can just fix that stupid portcullis using your new sword (in Original it takes several blows)? Fine, now that metal thing will never close again.
Look at your objectives, I think it's time to go home & to sleep. It was a long & difficult day. Now you just have to return to the point from which you saw the Lunar Glade for the first time.

Hope you enjoyed that level of Thief. It's a kind of coktail and has no crossings with a real life at all. Bye!
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