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Thread: Morrowind Abodes has returned!

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    Morrowind Abodes has returned!

    We were the first, and are still the best. These carefully crafted abodes are full of places to store and display your hard-earned treasures.

    Residences available in Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Dagon Fel, Gnisis, Suran, and Vivec.

    Come check out our new look today!

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    Whenever I try to look at the pictures, they just turn up totally grey?

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    I remember Morrowind Abodes, very cool site.

    But yeah, same issue - pictures aren't showing.

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    Ah, my apologies. I am using PNG image files with alpha transparency. This isn't supported on Internet Explorer browsers, or at least version 6. But it does work with the latest version of FireFox! =)

    HOWEVER after a quick caffeine hit I sat down and banged out an IE safe version. I'll add some polish to the presentation later.

    Please take another look, and tell me if you like what you see.



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    Wow, Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I like the Balmora one the best.

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    This is something that should've been included with the game. Downloading now.

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    Man this sucks i don't have the pc version.

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    umm should i even ask what morrowind abodes is? plus, apparently in since i use it for teh xbox, either way, i cant use it.

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    Nice dwellings!
    Do I buy these houses from an NPC or are they just free for me to enter?
    Seems unlikely that these would be free and yet unoccupied...

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