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Thread: Construction Set for GOTY Edition

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    Construction Set for GOTY Edition

    Is there a construction set or a patch for it available so I can edit the game? I had more fun with Morrowind's CS than I did with the actual game. With Oblivion though, when I tried to load the data files it says something like 'the EXE you are trying to load is a too high a version' or some such. But I would really like to build my own stuff. I see Bethesda still struggles in the map editing department. (Still lots of places with see-through walls, or barrels stuck halfway inside other barrels, lotsa dumb little errors that prove they don't test the things they make. Or not in any detail anyways.) I can do much better.

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    On the official site there is an updated version of the CS, which should solve the exe version problem.

    Also have you tried downloading the Unofficial Patches for Oblivion/SI? As well as fixing quest bugs and the like, they have spent their time "tidying up" the world, removing gaps, stopping floating plants/rocks and the like, removing useless objects, fixing items stuck through each other etc etc. Sounds just like what you're looking for.

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    Sounds good

    Well I'm not gonna bother, though it sounds almost tempting... And if they're user-made then they've GOTTA be better than ANYTHING Bethesda made. I don't care if a headless zombie made them.

    My discourse, is of course, that these errors just shouldn't BE in the first place. I really don't think it would take TOO long to make each dungeon individually. I screwed with the Morrowind CS for just over two years, and I had probably 1/20th of the world (exterior and interior) finished and nicely polished, with caves and tombs and random little places, the worst of which was unfathomably better than the best Bethesda has to offer. And I swear to Zenithar that there wasn't a single stupid error, not one, in all of what I did. (Not including scripting) Because I tested everything meticulously. And I can think up better names for my characters too. (And, for the record, I made gates to alternate planes with the 'mystic gate' from BM before I ever heard of Oblivion) And I'm only one beast! Bethesda has many beasts working for them, a lot more regularly than I ever did. So they can't do it? They can't put a little effort into their work? I mean, come on, there are far too many floating treasure chests alone for it to just be honest mistakes. They were clearly pressed for time.

    Also, I think when someone like me (or possibly you) takes up a building endeavor with the CS, its a labour of love, and we want to play what we build or at least experience it a little. With Bethesda, not so much. Its about the money and outdoing the competition. But, ironically, the competition would have less of an edge if the game was better made.

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