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Thread: Looking for the existence of a certain mod or tweak

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    Looking for the existence of a certain mod or tweak

    Heya Oblivion players..

    I am a faithful fan, and I have downloaded so many various mods to try, special missions.....etc.

    One thing has bothered me since day one, and I am wondering if anyone knows of a mod or tweak or anything that could make something possible.

    I generally load tons of stuff into my inventory, but what has always annoyed me is the fact that you have to select each and every item to sell. Talking about mega mouse clicks....and worse when you get to higher levels you end up clicking away like an idiot, listening to the dealer talk and talk.

    Are there any mods that allow you to high light what you wish to sell first, then sell? Not bring a sell question with every single item???

    Any ideas???


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    next day....BUMP

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    Same day on my clock... Maybe we don't have the answers you're looking for.

    The Oblivion boards on this forum are pretty dead.

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    I suggest you go here. I used to find many solutions to my problems with Oblivion. As you see a mods section is rather huge over there and your question should be answered much faster.

    Or you can always go to [UI mod section] and surf through file descriptions which tell you what a particular mod is responsible for... Of course, it will take more of your time.

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    Try searching here.

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    Another place:

    mods, forums, etc.

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