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Thread: Small nod to UW

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    Small nod to UW

    Stumbled upon a small surprise today when trying an iPhone game; brought a smile to my face:

    The game is Castle Warriors. It's a well polished Galcon type game with fantasy theme and a Populous 3 type view. It's really quite good.

    Also quite note worthy: it's free for today. It's one of these small gems within the huge flood of generally mediocre titles that try to climb the appstore charts.

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    Many of the games Warren was producer on have similar references to him. It's possible that the maker of this game was a fan. It's just as likely to be a reference to Martian Dreams or Serpent's Isle as underworld. Still a pretty cool find, though.

    I believe Warren is also featured in a deck of "geek icon" playing cards as well. Not sure what card he is, though. I saw it last week but forgot to save the link.

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    Google came back with this: Geek A Week. He's card number 39.

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