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Thread: Call of Pripyat Complete

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    A bit of news posted up on Pavel's site, the "lite mode" release of CoP Complete is expected to hit fairly soon as part of version 1.0.1.

    Update April 05 2011:
    The 1.0.1 version will have a choice of running the mod in Normal and Advanced mode. The Normal version is designed to stay within original game's hardware requirements and should run well on every system. The save files from current mod won't be compatible with Normal version, only with Advanced, so if you have problems with current version, I would recommend waiting for the update before investing a lot of time in it, expect release this week.

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    And it's out, Call of Pripyat 1.0.1 has been released. Go get.

    For those who've made some progress with version 1.0 and want to switch to version 1.0.1's less demanding "Normal" mode, here are Pavel's instructions:
    I'm reposting this info in case anyone missed it:

    The former 1.0 is now called 1.0.1 Advanced, and the lighter version is called 1.0.1 Normal for those who have experienced the Out of Memory crashes with the first version of the mod.

    Save files made with 1.0 are only compatible with Advanced version, because I took out the NPC Variation from the Normal version and your old saves will be looking for those missing NPC models.

    In order to use the 1.0 saves with 1.0.1 Normal you would have to rename this file:





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    Nice, thanks for keeping us(me) updated.

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    Here's hoping for some comparison shots between the two versions.

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    Call of Pripyat Complete

    This sounds promising indeed...
    I played Stalker:COP quite a lot when it came out and I already added a ton of mods back then, one of'em was the AtmosFear weather overhaul (which was great already back then)...
    Since the there are no screenshots I can only suspect that the complete mod incorporates many well anticipated mods (as i' ve seen in the mod's "users' manual") into one package?
    If so, great work!
    I know I had quite some trouble getting all of the mods to work together properly.
    If I suspect right, textures will be at least double the resolution compared to vanilla...

    also considering difficulty: don't know whether the Complete Mod touches gameplay-effects but I know for sure there are mods that alter droprates/enemy HP/enemy perception/spawns to give the zone a more menacing feel to it. As far as I remember it worked almost too well since I was barely scraping by a whole in-game week struggling to have enough food and not die of starvation...

    Have a good one,


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