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Thread: T2X freezes in-game

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    T2X freezes in-game

    Just the other day I finally got round to downloading and installing T2X. However, although T2 runs fine, T2X randomly freezes in-game. It's normally just a few seconds into a mission. At first I thought it was a multi-core processor issue, so I disabled one of my cores (I have dual-core). It seemed to work, then I got the freeze again. So, it doesn't appear to be a CPU core-related issue.

    I have also now used DDFix to try and resolve any CPU affinity issues, but it doesn't work for T2X.

    Also, does T2X modify the T2 exe in any way? I ask because I'd like to be able to play the game with the no CD patch that I have used for T2 if I can ever get it to stop freezing. Or is there a special NoCD patch for use with T2X?

    My specs: Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2GHz), 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD3670 (512Mb) + Latest (at time of writing) AMD Catalyst Display Driver, Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) and Thief 2 (Premier Collection) patched to 1.18.
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    Hi Garras,

    T2X doesn't modify the Thief2.exe at all. Thief2x at its core is nothing more than a new set of data files for Thief2.exe to use. So if Thief2 is running without a problem, you should be able to run Thief2x without a problem as well. (The way Thief2x points the executable to use non-default data files is to start the thief2.exe using a different 'start in' folder in its short cut.)

    About your problem a couple of things do spring to mind:

    1. CPU affinity
    As I see you've gathered yourself, the symptoms of the problem fit the CPU affinity exactly. So it does make sense to first make absolutely sure it isn't the affinity issue.
    The way to make sure is using the task manager: Just start T2X as usual, when the initial menu appears, open the task manager (Press Ctrl+Alt+Del once and select 'Start task Manager'). Then open the 'Processes' tab and find 'Thief2.ICD'. Right-click Thief2.ICD and select 'Set affinity...', then uncheck all but one processor. Do the same with the separate 'Thief2.exe' process, just to be sure.
    Then just Alt-tab back to Thief2X and start a game.

    Note that using this method to set the affinity you'll need to do this every time you start Thief2x. It isn't a permanent fix.

    2. Files missing or file corruption or overly long file paths
    Thief2 isn't the most robust of engines, and missing files or corrupt files usually result in a crash (either the game hangs or Windows notices unexpected behavior and stops the process).

    2.1 overly long file paths
    Thief2 is a pretty old program. And it makes a number of assumptions that aren't necessarily true nowadays. One of these is that a file path is relatively short. If the filepath of a file needed by Thief2x is too long, the path gets truncated by the Thief2.exe and it can't find the file even though it's there. If you've got Thief2 (and with that Thief2x) installed in a directory with a long path, it could be Thief2x just touches the threshold, leading to seemingly random occurring crashes.

    Btw the default thief2 path 'C:\Games\Thief2\' should pose no problem in this regard.

    The solution is to setup Thief2x to use relative paths instead of the much longer absolute paths. See this post:

    You mentioned you used a nocd patch (or did I imagine that?). That could have changed the way the darkinst.cfg should look, especially in regard to the cd_path entry. Open the darkinst.cfg in the thief2 folder to see where the nocd patch pointed the cd_path at, and change the darkinst.cfg in the t2x folder to match it (relative if needed/possible).

    2.2 Files missing or file corruption
    If this could be the case, the easiest fix/check is to reinstall t2x. Prior to reinstalling t2x make sure the install is not corrupt by checking its MD5. See this page:
    on some tips regarding that.

    (3.On a DDFix side note)
    Using DDFix with Thief2X requires a copy of the ddfix.ini in the thief2 folder to be copied to the t2x folder. Only copy this file once Thief2 is running exactly as you want it.

    Hope this is of some help, if you figure out how to get Thief2x running on your system please do post about it here, as it could help others, thanks!

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    Thanks to ideas from 'addink', I fixed T2X!

    Regarding the in-game freeze, what it all boiled down to was me failing to implement DDFix properly. My usual method of disabling processor cores did not seem to work with T2X, so I paid more attention to the DDFix method. Before, I was using a pre-patched 'thief2.exe' file - so DDFix 'automatically' worked. This time, I was just adding the DDFix files into the T2/T2X folders WITHOUT having any way for the game to load them. So, I edited my original 'thief2.exe' to load the DDFix and hey presto, the in-game freeze is gone!

    Also, after messing about with the 'darkinst.cfg' file entries, I can now run the T2X mod with no game disc in the drive!

    The only problem I have now is that, in mainly open areas, the mod is very laggy. I'm guessing this is because I am running on only one processor core, but even that should be more than enough to run T2/T2X smoothly. Is there anything I can alter in the 'ddfix.ini' to iron-out the lag? Right now everything in the file is left as default, except the multi-core fix and fog fix enabled.

    EDIT: Upon playing T2X again today, the lag problem seems to be gone! Now on mission 9 of 13 and loving it!
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